Introduction: How to Make an Ipod Ad

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You all remember the ad for the IPod right? Well... they put alot of time into those. So I'n gonna show you how to make your own!!!!

Step 1: What You'll Need...

2  hands
1  paint Program or gimp
10 fingers
1 picture
1 Arial Rounded MT Bold Font

Step 2: Picing Your Pic

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If youre a bigginer then you should start whith cartoons and move onto anime then onto real humans. I will use Inari from naruto he is fairly easy.

Step 3: Black

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you need to follow the pictues ok!!!!

Step 4: Background

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Yuo need to make a background for your picture you can use whatever color you want but I porsonnaly will go whith Red never make your backrounf Black or white! You can put it on clear when you do this and then when youre finished you can put it in solid.I did the same thing exept i used marker fill.

Step 5: IPod

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You'll need to make a cool IPod for your person so I will do that.

How to draw an IPod

1. draw a rounded box.
2.make a box inside that.
3. make a circle under the Box.
4.Draw arrows pointing left, right, up, and. down
5. make a line thet is were the head phones go.
6. Draw a thinner line connected to the thicker one.
7. Make the line split into two lines and go up to the chars ears.
8. Draw little dots were the lines end.

Step 6: Mplinnc

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for more!!!!!


chilll2009 (author)2010-12-23

Good job!

Mplinnc (author)chilll20092010-12-26


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