Picture of How to Make an LED Rose

Have you always been on the prowl for a special Valentine's Day project that will make your date's face light up when she sees it, but also doesn't take more than an hour or so of your time? Look no further!  If you happen to see this after Valentine's Day, fear not!  It's always appropriate to make something awesome for someone you care about.

This past Valentine's Day I decided to try my hand at making LED roses. I had the idea since last year, when I had made my now ex-girlfriend duct tape roses. I thought modifying things by using clear packaging tape, paired with an LED on the inside to light up all the petals could be pretty impressive. I went ahead and made some of these for my best female friends this past Valentine's Day, and they all loved them.

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Step 1: Video

Step 2: Required Materials

Picture of Required Materials

You will need the following materials to complete this project. Each item is listed, followed by any pertinent information and its cost.


  • Clear Packaging Tape - $3.19
  • Aluminum Foil - $1.00
  • Craft Wire - $1.99, $2.40
    - 26-gauge green wire, and 14-gauge brass-colored wire were both found at the local craft store in the jewelry-making section
  • Electrical Tape - $1.00
  • Hookup Wire - $8.49
  • Button Cell Batteries - $12.99
    - These were "312" batteries purchased at RadioShack. If I could go back in time, I'd likely purchase some more-common "364" batteries from the dollar store instead, as I'd likely get the same end result.
  • LED's - $5.00/5pc
    - These were purchased from Electronic Goldmine, item number G18602B. These fade from red to green to blue, and are powered with 3VDC at 15mA. Any LED's with similar specifications will do.
  • Small Switches - $1.00/10pc
    - These were also purchased from Electronic Goldmine, item number G13372. They were the smallest switches I could seem to find.


  • Needle-Nose pliers - $5.59
  • Knife - $5.00
  • Scissors - $1.00
  • Soldering Iron - $10.00