Step 5: Wiring

Picture of Wiring
65-(OAWR)-Wiring Diagram.jpg
68-(OAWR)-Wiring Diagram002.jpg
With the big pieces all together and it beginning to look pretty, the time has come to add the copper veins which will give it life. A first look at the wiring diagram ( '61-(OAWR)-Wiring Diagram.pdf' ) can be scary however if you tackle each wire individually it is quite straight forward.

Also if you are wondering how the robot operates please refer to the second image below which shows it in each of its four operating states.

Four Notes to Help You Out:

  • Each wire end which connects to a connection point should have a crimp wire terminal (red 4mm ring) affixed to it (there are 18 of these points).
  • The exploded view linked to each connection point illustrates whether the wire is meant to attach above or below the acrylic sheet.
  • Any connection point that does not already have a bolt in it uses a 3mm x 15mm bolt and a matching 3mm nut.
  • Most of all don't worry the next step is fully devoted to trouble shooting so have a go and if it's not working properly chances are you'll find your answer there.

A note of encouragement:

  • You can do it.
kl1nt_19946 years ago
how do you connect the wires to the motor