Step 4: Attach the electronics.

Simple put if you would like to put a breadboard or circuit board on top to make this easier.

1. Attach both servo red wires (+) to (+) on arduino.
2. Attach both servo black wires (-) to GND on arduino.
3. Attach a wire you can solder on to the PING sensor, that is positive to positive on arduino.
4. Then the negative to the negative.
5. The signal wire on the ping goes to digital 7 on arduino.
6. The left servo white wire goes to 5 and right servo white wire goes to 6.

Then upload to arduino using the Arduino environment which you can find info on here this code.

Thanks you to the person who made his code here it is..


YOU will also need to get the servo library whoch can be found here...
arduino.cc also

Thanks you for viewing this instructable and i hope some of you get to make this cool robot..
hey, the link to the code doesn't work anymore. could you post it here?
hey the code on the site is also with other components so can you post yours
Can you plz show the wiring of your robot . I havea competition in two days. can you wire dc motors and write the same programe and logic for that,?