Picture of How to Make an Old Fashioned Sling
This is a hunting tool used mainly by Native Americans and people in survival situations.  Happy Hunting!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:
Some Thread
A needle
a piece of clothe aprx 4x1-1/2

Step 2: Cut your strings

Cut 2 strings a each a little longer than 2 feet

Step 3: Cut Your Rock Carriage Material and Puncture it

Picture of Cut Your Rock Carriage Material and Puncture it
Sling shot Rock holder piercing.JPG
Piercing the rock holder.JPG
Cut a peice of material that is 1 1/2 by 4 inches.  The material should be a strong fabric or rawhide.  Then take a sharp tool and puncture a hole big enough to put the string in.

Step 4: Tie the Strings in

Picture of Tie the Strings in
knot on rock carrier.JPG
Now tie in the string by first putting it through, then tieing 2 overhand knots.  Do this on both sides with each of the strings

Step 5: Tie the 2 strings together

Picture of Tie the 2 strings together
Tie the 2 strings together using a fisherman's knot

Step 6: Throwing

To throw, place a rock in the fabric. The rock should be big enough that it comes to the edge of the fabric. Then cock back your arm.  Bring forward your arm like you are throwing a spear and the rock will be released.