Introduction: How to Make an Old Rubik's Cube FASTER!

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In this Instructable, I will show you how to mod an older Rubik's cube to make it smoother and faster. This is a great way to bring back an old 80's toy! If you enjoy this Instructable, be sure to like it and vote for it in any (or all) of the contests it is entered in. It would make me very happy!

I am not responsible for any damage you do to your Rubik's Cube. You are doing this at your own risk.

Step 1: Disassembling the Cube

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This is the easiest part of the process. All you have to do is turn a layer 45 degrees, and push upwards on the edge piece. You can also use a screwdriver to do this. Once the piece is out, you can start turning the cube and removing all of the pieces. DO NOT LOSE THEM! You can set the core (Picture 4) aside, since you won't be doing anything to it. Now that the cube is disassembled, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Sanding the Edge Pieces

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Using some sand paper, carefully sand the large, flat side of the triangle shaped part. Do this from the left side to the right side to make the turning smoother. Do this on both sides, and on every edge piece. Once you finish this, you can move on to the next step.

Step 3: Sanding the Corner Pieces

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You will need to sand these pieces differently than the corner pieces. First, round the bumpy part sticking out of the bottom. This will make turning smoother, and less clicky. Next, sand the three un-stickered parts of the piece, going from left to right. Do this on every corner.

Step 4: Assembly!

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To assemble the cube, start by sliding one edge between the two pieces. Make sure that you assemble it so the cube is solved, or it will most likely be unsolvable. Put in the edge next to it, and lock it in place with a corner piece. Keep going around, and putting the edge, then a corner until you finish the layer. Slide the edges on the second layer in. Once you have two layers done, turn the top face 45 degrees, and put in a corner, then the edge next to it. Go in this order until you have one edge left. This is where you lubricate the cube if you want. If you are not lubricating the cube, then just put the last piece in as you normally would. You are now done!

Step 5: Conclusion

The cube turns much better than it did when I first used it, but it is far from perfect. It still doesn't corner cut at all, but it is usable. There are other ways to mod this cube, but the mods that I used worked good for me. If you enjoyed this Instructable, please like it and vote for it in the contests I have entered it in. It would make me happy! Thank you for reading!

Step 6: Epilog Contest VII

If I win the laser cutter, I would be very thrilled, since it would allow me to make my projects much more professional. I would be able to build with new materials that I couldn't use before, like acrylic, or other plastics. I would also be able to add a new level of creativity to my instructables by using it in new projects. Winning the contest would mean a lot to me, and I would be super excited if I won.

Thank you for reading, Gabgra11


lukaslaos (author)2017-04-14

nice and cool!!!

tomatoskins (author)2015-10-30

I've never thought of doing this. I always just used a dry lubricant and it works great!

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