Cheesecakes are delicious deserts that can be made with all different flavors. I am going to share with you how to make a delicious Oreo cheesecake that can be prepared in only 30 minutes and ready in 6 hours.

Baking deserts such as cheesecakes are great foods to have at parties and don't have to be challenging. These instructions will teach you how to bake an Oreo cheesecake in just 5 easy steps that any experience level baker can make. Now lets go bake us a cheesecake!

Step 1: Collect all Ingredients

Ingredients you will need:
1         Package of Oreos
1/3     Cup of Butter or Margarine
3         Packages of Cream Cheese (8 oz. each)
3/4     Cup of Sugar
1         Tsp of Vanilla
1         Cup of Sour Cream
4         Eggs

Tools and Equipment needed:
9 in spring form pan
Food Processor
Mixing bowls
Electric Mixer (Optional)
Mixing spoon
Dry measuring cups
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