How to Make an Origami Bird




Introduction: How to Make an Origami Bird

Using just one square of origami paper, you can make a beautiful work of art. The origami bird is an intermediate origami project that will impress all who see your completed work.

Step 1: Starting Fold Your Paper Diagonally in Half and Then in Half Again

Step 2: Fold the Bottom Left of the Top Layer Up to the Top Right Corner.

Step 3: Repeat on the Back.

Step 4: Fold One Layer From the Bottom Corner Up to the Top.

Step 5: Unfold and Reverse Inside Fold the Last Crease.

Step 6: Flatten the Model Again. Repeat the Last Fold on the Back.

Step 7: Fold the Head of the Bird Down Like This.

Step 8: Inside Reverse Fold the Head. Pull the Beak Until It's in the Position You Want.

Step 9: Fold One of the Wings Up, and Repeat on the Back.

Step 10: Fold the Tail to Meet the Vertical Line.

Step 11: Open the Tail Out and Reverse Fold the Last Crease.

Step 12: Wrap the Tail Around the Body.

Step 13: It's Done!

Step 14:



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