I will teach you an easy and simple way to make an origami ninja star.

Step 1: Gather Materials

All you need is 2 pieces of square paper, preferrably origami paper so you don't have to cut them out.

Step 2: Prepare the Paper

Each paper has different steps (but not a lot) and these steps are some of the steps that are the same for both pieces of paper. 

1.) Fold each paper in half.
2.) Fold each paper in half again the same way.
3.) Fold and unfold each paper in half the different way.

Step 3: Fold for "Paper #1"

1.) Fold the bottom half of the paper along the folded line you made at a 90 degree angle.
2.) Do the same thing for the top.
3.) Flip the paper over.
4.) Fold the top edge of the little square at the top right to the left edge. Do the same thing to the bottom left square.

Step 4: Fold for "Paper #2"

1.) Fold the bottom half along the line you folded, only in the opposite way you did for "paper #1"
2.) Fold the top half across.
3.) Follow numbers 3-4 in the previous step.

Step 5: Fold "Paper #s 1 and 2" Together

1.) Fold the edge of the small triangle on the top and bottom to the farthest edge on "paper #1" and then half unfold it
2.) Lay "paper #2" on top of "paper #1", so that "paper #2" is showing 2 bigger triangles face up
3.) Tuck in the half folded smaller triangles into the bigger triangles
4.) Flip the structure over and fold the smaller triangles like you did in number 1 in this step and tuck that in and you are done
Make it easyer for kids like the puting together pary??????
<p>i know right.</p>
<p>WHY CAN'T I DO IT!!!</p>
<p>cause this sucks</p>
<p>be cause you all suck</p>
<p>actually, its this page that sucks, but I could still figure it out</p>
<p>I agree</p>
<p>oh gosh.... A lot of steps here to memorize! 0_0&quot;</p>
Lol i made a big one
I made 3
<p>this IS SO HARD I DONT GET IT</p>
I obviously suck balls at this
<p>there are steps missing</p>
<p>unfortunately step 5 seems a bit challenging to follow the instructions, i ended up getting flustered, shoved it together and folded things and it ended up working lol</p>

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