Introduction: How to Make an Origami Skirt

I have come to find that I love doing origami. I decided to make a tutorial on how to do a simple cute skirt. I hope you enjoy. It is a simple skirt that is easy to make. I will make more instructables on making origami clothes.

Step 1: Fold the Paper Into Fourths

Fold the paper in half in both directions and unfold. Turn the paper over. (The side facing down will become the outside of the skirt; the other side will become the waistband.)

Step 2: Keep Folding.

Bring up the bottom edge to the halfway crease, and pinch only the corner section to mark it as a landmark crease. Unfold.

Fold the bottom edge to the landmark crease made in the previous step. Unfold.

Fold the bottom edge up to the new crease made in the previous step.

Fold the bottom edge up again on the existing crease to create the skirt's waistband.

Turn the paper over and rotate it 180 degrees, so that the folds you just made are now at the top on the back.

Step 3: Shaping the Skirt

Fold the side edges into the center crease.

Fold the bottom corners out on a diagonal.

Step 4: Finishing the Skirt

Taper the waistline of the skirt by folding the top corners in at an angle.

Shape the bottom of the skirt by folding the corners in as well.

Turn the paper over. Your skirt in now completed.

Enjoy and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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