Inspired from Kingdom Hearts, I came up with a way to make my own wayfinder. Its simple design gives room for any improvements or details that can be added to make it unique.

Her's a video on making it:

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
-5 square (origami) pieces of paper. Using larger pieces will make it easier to put together.

If you want to make one like the picture, you will also need:
-length of string
-centerpiece symbol (you can chose what you want for the center)
wow thank u your the only one who makes kingdom hearts origami
I made one :) It is really easy and awesome :D Thanks for sharing this with the world. Lol you should enter it in a contest.
I did, but it lost. Maybe a remake will win if I make improvements. Thanks for making this!
safhlsdkfj, this is so awesome! I must get some origami paper next time I go out so I can make this. &lt;3 /donated all of hers to the 1000 crane project<br><br>Also adding in the desire for a how-to of the middle emblem! :D
You should post one on how to make Master Eraqus's crest for the center :D
I'll try to make one then :) Subscribe!
how do you make the add on
For the string I braided it together from yarn, while the center symbol was something I made from paper. If you want to learn how to make the center symbol I might post separate instruction.<br><br>Hope this helps!
thats so kool ^^
Thank you! Please support this and my photo version in their contests.
Awesome origami wayfinder. Looks great!

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