Hi, guys I'm back with another DIY project this time I'm making a gun from a piezoelectric please leave suggestions in the comment box below. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

So what you're gonna need is bottle a plastic bottle or a metal flask I used a Nike bottle I had laying around and a piezoelectric you can find it inside a lighter the small button type thing and it can also be purchased on line or at any hardware store then what you're gonna need are two screws the have to metal of course other than that a tic tac box for the handle and the tools are a drill and a hot glue gun.

Step 2: Prepping the Handle

so for the handle you're just going to glue the tic tac box to the bottle and you're set to go.

Step 3: Wiring

The wiring is pretty basic you just have to drill to holes in the tic tac box and a slit for the piezoelectric and hot glue it all in place the drill two holes in the back of the bottle for the screws and the tighten the screws in a v shape (picture attached above) for the spark to happen or all will fail. The last picture shows the screws from inside the bottle.
Quick Tip
don't hot glue the piezoelectric from the front side or it will not work only glue it from the opposite of the Button side for it to work.

Step 4: Bottle Head

I sawed of the head from the bottle so you're left with this and insert a straw from the front for the Bb's

Step 5:

Then you're done just put the head on the bottle and spray alcohol inside then press the trigger that's how it's made
<p> Haven't attached the handle Still testing </p>
looks awesome man glad I inspired you.
<p>thanks !</p>
<p> OK I built this thing is awesome I just had my first test shot and it worked! is it OK if I make a instructable (on my version) and give you all the credit?</p>
it's all ok with me
<p>just saying but you inspired me and I am building something like this with a coke bottle, lighter barel and a cardboard handel the rest is the same it is almost done </p><p> You are cool</p>
<p>It Is simple it is cheap BOOM I can build it yes</p>
Thank you for the positive reply and please give me your suggestion for the next build

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