How to Make an USB Killer


Introduction: How to Make an USB Killer

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USB killer is a device which is similarly looking to USB flash drive and discharges high voltage.It has the capacity to destroy the desktop, mobile and other USB connectivity devices.

Now I am going to instruct how to make an USB Killer with less number of components.
Lets Get Started..

Step 1: Components Required

Mosquito Zapper [Amazon / ebay]

USB Case [It can be obtained from Old/Trash USB flash drives]

Male USB jack [Amazon / ebay]

Female USB jack [Amazon / ebay]

Step 2: Circuiting

1. Open case of the Mosquito Zapper and remove the circuit

2. Remove the discharging capacitor at output of the circuit.

3. Solder USB female jack in place of removed capacitor.

4. Solder USB male jack to the Capacitor removed as shown in circuit and place in the USB case .

5. Apply electric tape for more safety.

6. Charge this USB by inserting into the female USB jack of Zapper circuit.

Here USB Killer Completed.

Note : Using of this USB killer will destroy your device , use it on your own risk.

Step 3: Construction and Testing

Feel free to comment.

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    will it work when i just put the usb with the capacitor without charging it?


    Wow, this is cool!

    I had a ton of fun with this design, thanks <3

    Silly question......what would be the purpose of building the device you describe in your instructable? Is it purely to destroy a pc through the usb port?

    2 replies

    Nah, I still see no good in it.

    The useless destruction of anything should be looked down upon.

    The ONLY possible use for such a thing might be if the owner of the connection point wanted to cost themselves money and resources.

    Otherwise you're making a way for immature individuals to hurt others.

    I don't comment much, but this Instructable shouldn't exist.