How to Make an Unusual Birthday Map Card





Introduction: How to Make an Unusual Birthday Map Card

This tutorial is for a great card that is ideal for any men out there, or for a travel/ Bon Voyage etc. I must admit I had great difficulty with part of this one! as you'll see when you watch it.. but stick in there as its a fab demonstration for a good idea! plus it goes to show that I can waffle when under stress.... enjoy.

Step 1: Items Used

Stix 2 Anything 8x8inch white card blank

Black card layer

Map of region printed twice

String or wool

Anna Griffin stamps 'For the Boys'

Black staz-on ink

Glossy Accents

Stix 2 Anything 3D Foam pads

Step 2: Now Watch the Tutorial



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    Hello Annmarie,

    Nice idea for a card, and to hear someone from my old neck of the woods.

    I was brought up in Ull, but now I'm living here in Israel, so it's extra special to hear your voice.


    Bob Knight

    Hi Bob, Thanks for your comment and compliments, am I right in thinking you mean Hull? LOL, theres a certain twang in East Yorkshire that you never lose or forget.. nice to know my voice has brought you some memories.. x

    Hi Annmarie,
    Nice to read East Yorkshire, rather than Humberside.
    And yes,
    I lived in Hull for many years, in Ruskin St, just off Anlaby Road.
    Thanks for the memories.