Step 2: Making paper pulp!

Picture of Making paper pulp!
It's better to leave the shredded paper in water overnight so that it breaks down more easily, but you can do it without that. Put some shredded paper in a blender, add water (more water than paper) and blend it all together. You can do this manually using a pestle and mortar.

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When you don't see any clumps of paper or unshredded paper, you can stop blending it. You now have paper pulp.

Dump this paper pulp into the large tub and add water so that it covers the mold and deckle (one on top of the other) horizontally.

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shiny papers use synthetic sizing to control moisture absorption or wicking. There is no way for us to break ub the bonded fibers without very strong a I'd washes which 'take the nature out of natural'. Instead, we use non-glossy paper and then add a tablespoon of starch per quart for natural sizing. Baring that we can add sizing by making a normal clear gelatin fluid to rinse our finished paper in then re dry. This keeps the ink from absorbing and then we are able to reuse this paper later

kirstenn6 years ago
do you have a specific water to paper ratio? im so glad you wrote this, im recycling our office paper into notebooks and things for us. this would be neat for our contracts. :] i know it is typically advised not to, but can shiny paper work for this at all? if not, what makes it not work? thanks again
Chessa kirstenn3 years ago
when you rip up the papper to half fill an object then full it up with water so all the papper is covered then after sitting for a couple of days then you take some out and put it in an blender with glue and water lots and when the pulp is nice and fine move it to an object of your choice and then get an handfull of the pulp and sqeese must of the water out then you fit it to make what ever it is make it about half an cm thick and then let is dry for a cuple of days

do not use shiny paper because it will have to sit for a cuple of weeks and byr then have gone bad news paper and old phone book are great to use have fun making what ever it is i had fun making a clock with my friends at school it's on my wall at home
Chopsteeq (author)  kirstenn6 years ago
I don't have an exact ratio. You'll just have to try it out and see what it works better with the paper you're using! Shiny paper can work, I've used magazines before, but those that are too shiny might have plastic residues and other stuff in them that might not go well with the rest of the paper pulp.
withoutabox6 years ago
How do you know when the paper pulp is ready if you are using a mortar and pestle? I can't seem to get it into a paste.
Chopsteeq (author)  withoutabox6 years ago
It probably won't turn into a paste if you're using a pestle and mortar because you don't have enough water. I've never used a pestle and mortar but I'm thinking you might have to dilute it a bit more.
hooloovoo338 years ago
No comments? Well I'll be the first then. How rough does the paper end up being? From the pictures it looks pretty rough. How does it do when you print on it? Those cards look good, I'm impressed.