How to Make Fire With Chocolate and Can





Introduction: How to Make Fire With Chocolate and Can

Hi Guys! today i will show you a Easy trick for make a fire with Chocolate and Alluminum Can!

Check the video below for view the final result:

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Step 1: What Do You Need?

for this instructables you need only few component:

- Piece of Chocolate ( be careful, don't eat the chocolate after the project)

- Alluminm Can

-Piece of paper (use dark or black color for redute the time for ignite)

Step 2: Polishing!

The fenomenal about this project it's the good ability to reflect of Shiny metal, but the bottom of alluminum Can don't reflect very well, for this reason you need to polish the alluminum

Grab the Chocolate and start to rub the piece on the bottom of the can, after 2 or 3 minute clean with a piece of old cloth or a napkin of cotton.

repeat this two step for many time, when you see the bottom of the can as a mirror you're done.

Step 3: Ignite!

Now you only use your Alluminum can for concentrate the lights of Sun on the paper.

Directs the alluminum can in front of the sun and move your piece of paper to search the perfect point of maximum power, you can found it when the dot of light becomes small! after 1 minute you can see the smoke come out of the paper

Step 4: Blow on Fire

Pile up a piece of paper or dry grass to make your fuel, this part it's little difficult, because after you ignite the piece of paper with the sun, you must to put the ember in a cover place and blow gently on it, be carefull because extinguish easly...

the best result i made with cover the ember with my hand and the dry grass, when you see a lot of smoke you are in the right way, now you can blow much stronger and in two minute you can see the fire become from your hand

(be careful to don't burn your skin in this process)



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    And a match is even faster!

    Unless I am missing your point here....

    you can use toothpaste or a natural clay to polish it also

    I wanted burning chocolate :(

    Boyscout status! Good idea for improvised fires in concrete camp grounds or areas with rude people. You should update with an alternative method of polishing for those who don't carry any chocolate... Like me... Chocolate never makes it to the camp site...

    Actually you can polish a can with anything... So the chocolate can't make fire the can is making a fire in this case

    Actually you can reflect the sun with anything... So the can can't make fire the sun is making a fire in this case

    Great idea, definitely going to try this with our scout troop. BTW, here's a tip to use for kindling - save the fluff from your tumble dryer; we always pack a small sealed plastic bag & it fires up a treat!