Make a Huge Kite with less than $100 dollars budget
I am an artist and as part of my installation for the day of the dead , I decided to make a Huge Kite with paper, pvc strings , glue and lots of Good ideas.
My kite is 10 feet Height and 10 feet width
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Step 3: Make the Frame

to make the Frame ( the structure )
I use PVC tubes , any hardware store has them , I got the .5 inch total of 4 units of 10 feet long
and I also bought 2 'T" ( see pictures)
I cut them in half each tube.
put them together and make a "X"
then place the 2 "x" over the paper so you can cut the shape . Leave at least 6 inches from the end of the pvc

Step 4: Ok lets go on

Now find a flat, no nails wall , and add plastic to the wall or tarps , ( Just in Case)
once you cut the shape of the Kite I staple the paper to the wall, If you have large floor are, you can just work on the floor , ( I use the wall because my wife complain about the rugs)

Step 5: Paper / color time

Picture of paper / color time
now is time for glue the paper to the paper base
You can use any color , is best if you add 2 sheets of papers at once.
first add glue then place the paper over the glued area.
ecah3 years ago
very helpful for my subject project :) thank you for sharing this
Kiteman6 years ago
I hope you get it in the air!

You'll need a multi-legged bridle, probably something like that of a rokkaku, and you'll need some help to launch it, and a good strong anchor-point.
balam (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
thank you.
I have make this kites in the past ( like 20 years ago) back in Guatemala and we were able to fly it,
on Nov 1th ( the day of dead ) we make Huge kites,
see video

Kiteman balam6 years ago
That is awesome. Are they made the same as this Instructable?
balam (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
yes...... the only diff is that we use bamboo , so just change pvc to bamboo.
those are some BEASTLY kites
Or tie it to your back and jump off a cliff. (If you do this and get hurt it is your own fault no matter how much fun it is)
crazyman753 years ago
That is a very beautiful kite, I'm definitely going to take your suggestion and build one myself, and I'll email you for sure. I'm totally inspired.
Ok I must be missing it but where does the string attach to fly the kite?????
balam (author)  snapdragon774 years ago
the string goes on front of the kite
one comes from the center and the other 2 from sides
you need to try what sides works best. 
aslong you got it flying .

MR.Touchy5 years ago
wow! that is insane mate! this is a definite thing i am going to do on the holidays!
That's really cool.
omnibot6 years ago
How does it fly? Just kidding. Cool kite.