Step 6: Three Roses Are Made

I made two pink and one yellow-white rose. The three roses are joined together with short strips of paper, gluing one rose to another in the back.
This is very creative i love it
i dont have any glue, so i kept the sticky edge on as a way to stick all the bits together. it might not be as durable, but it works for now
i did it!! they look awesome!! thanks(: giving it to my best friend i haven't seen her in months cuz she was in new york that and a stuffed panda (haha she loves pandas) thanks!
Cool instructable. They look pretty awesome :)
Thank you. Cman
Hey, I used your flower technique and added a stem, leaves and thorns of my own and gave it to my wife for V-Day. She absolutely loved it! Quote: "I love this even more than if you would have bought me flowers because you took the time to actually make something like this for me....*kiss*" Thanks mate for a great instructable, you saved my V-Day and saved me some $!
Great! Did you take a picture? Cman
Awww, no. But it is still sitting on my wife's office desk at work, I'll get a pic monday and post it. It's not the greatest thing but she liked it and that's all that matters to me!
This is great, unfortunately i do not have near enough patience needed to make this.=[<br/>
Beautiful and simple. I think I'll make one with my son. :) Thank you!
You are welcome; and have fun! Cman

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