Picture of How to Make "Post It Notes" Roses
In this instructable, easily made roses are made out of post it notes. Any colored paper will do, of course, but these note pads seem to be everywhere, esp. at work!
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Step 1: Materials needed

Picture of Materials needed
Gather your post it notes, or colored paper, scissors, glue, forceps or tweezers, etc.

Step 2: Cut Flower Parts

Picture of Cut Flower Parts
Starting with the pink notes, cut two or three circles from the note. Make them all different sizes, so that they will fit together properly.

Step 3: Roll Circles Into a Cone Shape.

Picture of Roll Circles Into a Cone Shape.
Self explanatory, what you want is a cone shaped unit that is glued on one end and then added into another unit, or rolled piece of paper.

Step 4: Cut Paper for exterior pedals

Picture of Cut Paper for exterior pedals
Cut the note into thirds as shown. The part on the right is the sticky part, which we don't want.

Step 5: Put all parts together

Picture of Put all parts together
After all parts are glued as shown, it's time to put them altogether into the final flower.

Step 6: Three roses are made

Picture of Three roses are made
I made two pink and one yellow-white rose. The three roses are joined together with short strips of paper, gluing one rose to another in the back.

Step 7: Make Some leaves for your roses

Picture of Make Some leaves for your roses
Using the same green note paper, or a similar light paper, place three pieces together so that we cut three leaves at one time.

Step 8: Cut leaves out

Picture of Cut leaves out
See picture

Step 9: Completed roses and leaves

Picture of Completed roses and leaves
The roses and leaves are glued together simply by arranging the leaves in a pattern that looks natural. Try a dry run, then glue each leaf in turn into it's position on the roses.

Step 10: Add embellishments if desired

Picture of Add embellishments if desired
If you want to make a corsage, or wall hanging, you can add a few embellishments such as ribbons.