Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
This is an overall incredibly cheap build. I spent about $10 on it, and that's only because I'm at college and I don't have any spray paint/x-acto knifes.

3 Toilet Paper tubes-Free or $5 at Taco Bell
Pack of Paper Fasteners-$1.29
Foam Board-$3
2 Rubber Bands
X-Acto Knife
Paper Clamp-$.50
Can of Silver Spray Paint
Duct Tape
ghost66265 years ago
 I tried a beer 12 pack, (not that i drink, my dad does but fake beer) and it didnt work for me maybe im cutting it wrong. 
inept (author)  ghost66265 years ago
 I don't know. How did you cut it/ where did you use it?
i just cut it with scissors.  i was cutting a very thick piece though

inept (author)  left4dead44325 years ago
 Explain to me more how it didn't work. The more detail you give, the easier it is to help
it wouldnt bend like tp tubes
btw, when im at my dad's im left4dead4432 and when im home, im ghost6626
would cardboard work?
inept (author)  assassincreed825 years ago
 It might be a bit heavy, also probably too thick to really bend to the shape of your arm. That's why the cardboard from like TP tubes or cases of pop tend to work best