Step 3: Working on the Arm Bracelet Thing

The next thing you're going to want to do is make the part that stays on your arm and launches the blade. Start by taking your toilet paper tubes and cutting them in half from top to bottom (see picture). I found it helps if you score it lightly a few times before cutting it.

Set one aside and put the other two together.

Cut/poke a small slit through both rolls, about big enough for a brass fastener. Insert said fasteners.
This is hidden blade..<br><br>http://m.instructables.com/id/Assassins-creed-hidden-blade-10/<br><br>not as easy to make as this one, and is actually a deadly weapon, but you should check it out. Nice build here sir!
If you want to make a weapon, just use a simple knife!!! I mean, you can't pull the string, and then it gets stuck or something in a fight!!! Just take a Butcher Knife, lol!
You realize inept doesn't want it necessarily as a weapon, but as a form of entertainment
the arm bracelet thing is called the bracer
Is it prone to breaking, being made of cardboard, or falling off, being secured with duct tape?
OH!!! awesome!! I have got assassin creed hidden blade here, this one I think you will like too. <a href="http://www.x-cosplay.com/assassin-s-creed-2-ezio-extension-knife-with-leather-bracer.html" rel="nofollow">assassin&rsquo;s creed hidden blade</a> <br>
does it lock up when its out
I always wanted this <br>
:D :D :D :D :D I made one! I used some scrap cardboard, tape, key rings, a rubber band, and hot glue. That stick thing connected to the rubber band is connected to the blade. It rest in the notch in the back so the blade won't move. Then I hit the stick out of the notch and the blade shoots out. Nice for one day of work eh?
post instructions plz<br>
&nbsp;just like mine, but more of a mini version,
could you flick your wrist clockwize to have it pop out? or is it just hitting the peg?
Hitting the peg.<br /> <br />
hey cowscankill how do you do it can you post a video of how to make it????
Actually, that may be a&nbsp; good idea... I was out of ideas and that thing is long gone now, but I could always try again, eh?<br />
Very cool! I like the key rings. It makes it look more like a wrist thing with buckles. I was actually going to make a switchblade type thing for a movie I'm doing soon. Glad to know that the notch method works with the rubber bands like that.
:P Thanks for the reply! I got comments at school about it too from people that also play. I didn't take it to school though lol, just pics.
You guys should try using the following items &amp; see where you get with these little instructions, I made one &amp; it held up. Try those white retractable curtain rods so it can be retractable; Eat all of these &amp; use the can:[ http://pirouline.com/product/Creme_de_Pirouline_-_Chocolate_Hazelnut_3.25_oz_Tins_-_Pack_of_12/13341.aspx ] to attach the retractable curtain rod into &amp; cover your wrist, I recommend using electrical tape but duct tape has worked alright as well. Use a pair of pliers to stick a double edged blade (or whatever type of blade you prefer for it's purpose)into the curtain rod. From there on just work on it to make it more comfortable for wearing. :D Remember be safe &amp; stay out of trouble with this thing, it's very dangerous.
lol looks great for a foundation for the real thing.
Is there an alternative for the paper fasteners? I can't bloody findthem anywhere in this town<br />
&nbsp;Hmm, I don't really know. They work really well in this situation,and I can't really think of anything else that might work. <br /><br />Where are you from that you can't find&nbsp;them?
Maybe I'm being lazy and not finding them in the right place.<br /> I'm from Canada<br />
&nbsp;I would think they would have them in Canada. Just check like office supply stores like Office Max or Staples. Or maybe a local craft store.
If you haven't found them yet, I'm 100% sure you'll find them at the local Dollarama.
try micheals
how about dollarama?<br />
Unfortunately I was looking for something a little more efficient but still neat design and can easily be decorated to look amazing.
The blade should be longer, it's kinda short.
<em>how would you make it retract that's what i want to know</em><br />
maybe add a string at the back of the blade and have it go to your other sleeve and pull the blade back in, idk.
um is it retractable or do u need to push the blade with ur hand or somethin
It's retractable, but given the flimsy nature of the foamcore, it's best you push it back by hand
u shud paint the tube thingy(bracelet)
um im gonna make designs on my bracelet
please please post how to make it
it will be better if is a real blade
I reinforced the edges of my blade with super glue (not hot glue). For the blade its self I used a really strong cardboard from a UPS package. The glue dribbled into the gaps in the side of the cardboard, makeing it stronger on the inside too.
Its great i am gona try it out as soon as i get the stuff i need
Wow! I had all the supplies I needed and made one myself. I made it longer so it can be hidden very well and it fits under my sleeve without being noticed! I made a few very slight modifications; I did not use a paper clamp as opposed to a brad. Instead, for the bottom brad I folded it down and taped it. When I pull the blade back behind the, er, cardboard sleeve, it catches on the back, locking. So I pull that back a bit and let it go and it pops right out! It has enough momentum to get to the front of the glove, so the top brad catches on the front, locking. It's hard to explain but.. xD<br><br>I'm working on trying to make it pop out with a flick of the wrist like in the games.
Yo, the real mechanism uses a ring-pull rather than the clamp you use. Check out the Hidden Blade page on the AC wiki.
&nbsp;I don't understand how you can control the blade coming out and staying in. I bit more detail on that please?
&nbsp;When you release the clamp that's holding the blade back, the blade shoots forward. To put it back in, you need to push it back in and clamp it down.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Hope that explains it a bit. If not, watch the video at the beginning.<br />
&nbsp;How do I release the clamp? &nbsp;Where can I get paper fasteners?
&nbsp;You can probably find paper fasteners at like a Staples or Office Max. <br /> <br /> The clamp...that feels pretty self explanatory. You just open it like you would any other clamp.<br />
paper fasteners are also called split pins
I understand. Thank you.
seen better<br>
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