Step 3: Working on the Arm Bracelet Thing

Picture of Working on the Arm Bracelet Thing
The next thing you're going to want to do is make the part that stays on your arm and launches the blade. Start by taking your toilet paper tubes and cutting them in half from top to bottom (see picture). I found it helps if you score it lightly a few times before cutting it.

Set one aside and put the other two together.

Cut/poke a small slit through both rolls, about big enough for a brass fastener. Insert said fasteners.
ScHiZo FoXx5 years ago
Is there an alternative for the paper fasteners? I can't bloody findthem anywhere in this town
inept (author)  ScHiZo FoXx5 years ago
 Hmm, I don't really know. They work really well in this situation,and I can't really think of anything else that might work.

Where are you from that you can't find them?
Maybe I'm being lazy and not finding them in the right place.
I'm from Canada
how about dollarama?
inept (author)  ScHiZo FoXx5 years ago
 I would think they would have them in Canada. Just check like office supply stores like Office Max or Staples. Or maybe a local craft store.
yeahitsm35 years ago
i meant to put sturdier for the blade whoops :-(  X-D

yeahitsm35 years ago
dude i love this design cause its soo easy to make but i got one suggestion.....to use something sturdier than cardboard box. i used a wooden ruler and sharpened it with a knife and i works awesomely
this thing is cool i dont have enough money to go and buy an expenive blade or legos this fits my price range and it almost looks real...........