This design is not too well known (I THINK) and is a great stunt plane and glider.

Sorry for the blurry pics and also, this is my first Instructable.
All criticism/congrats are appreciated.

Step 1: What You Need

Paper (obviously) and a flat working surface

Step 2: First Folding! (YAY!)

Fold in half as accurately as you can and crease hard.
Open back up.

Step 3: Fold the Corners Down

Fold one corner at a time down (look in picture for how far to) and crease hard.
Open up and do the same to the other side.

Step 4: Flip & Fold

Read the title lol!
After flipping, fold the segment down so it lines up with the other lines.

Step 5: More Flipping and Folding

Flip over again and 'Pull the sides in... Look at the photos for help...

Step 6: Fold Up Top Layers Corners

Fold the top layers corners up to the top...

Step 7: Spin and Fold

Spin 180 degrees and fold the WHOLE top nose part down so that it reaches the folded paper line... If that makes sense...
Refer to photos for added bonus help!

Step 8: Folding in Half

Fold the plane in half with the chunky bit on the INSIDE.

Step 9: Folding the Wings

Fold the wings down on each side with a 2cm gap between the bottom of the plane and where the wing starts.

Step 10: The Finished Product and Tweaking It

Congratulations on making it this far!
Your plane is now ready for flight and tweaking!
Flaps on the edge of the wings can be added if your plane always wobbles or just fails.
On the back of the wings, 'upplets' or 'downlets' can be added to make it do stunts such as loops, barrel rolls, sharp turns and much much more! simply pinch the back of the wings and slightly fold it either up or down.
Examples: Fold both up and your plane will do loops.
Fold them opposite ways and your plane will either barrel roll or spin in a spiral (not a crash landing spiral, a good one)
Its awesome it flyes real well
<p>Let&acute;s fly it!</p>
<p>Yes, ONWARDS!</p>
<p>add more light to picture kind of dark.</p>
<p>This is super cool and easy to make thank you! Just a note - I wasn't able to throw it for distance but when I threw it sideways it flew all the way around me. Super cool plane</p>
<p>this plane needs some awesome desines</p>
<p>This plane needs small airloins.</p>
Thanks will try it later
<p>I love how easy it was to understand, I made it first try, with a bit of tweaking and adding flaps it flew so good! I figured out how to throw it, you have to push it a bit upwards and forwards.</p>
<p>What are 'upplets' and 'downlets'?</p>
<p>To confusing and not the best paper airplane out there. You need to explain how to make all the folds better.</p>
<p>great job and very well explaned first instructable, I made my first instructable just a few weeks ago and this one is MUCH better than mine, I like it</p>
wow i never thought of building this plane........ UNTIL NOW!!!!!!
best thing ever
yay 1st comment. anyway i dont get step 7
i love this plane!!!........ it is awesome.<br />

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