Picture of How to Make the Card-Case
I made a card case of leather. I challenged leathercraft for the first time.I want to make it a lot in future!!
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Step 1: Paint Leather with Oil

Picture of Paint Leather with Oil
Leather becomes strong when I paint with oil.Let's paint thoroughly!

Step 2: Cut Leather

Picture of Cut Leather
I cut it on the basis of a gauge. I am straight sharp when I use the ruler.

Step 3: Ready in All Materials

Picture of Ready in All Materials
I was able to prepare all materials in this.

Step 4: Make Holes in

Picture of Make Holes in
I make a hole in a part to sew.

Step 5: To Wax Thread

Picture of To Wax Thread
I sew it with a thread painted with with wax.

Step 6: To Sew it

Picture of To Sew it
I sew it. It takes time, but I do my best and sew it.

Step 7: Congratulations!

Picture of Congratulations!
It is completion!
takesh10 months ago


Here's another one.

ishiyasu (author)  takesh10 months ago

Thank you for comment!! I am interested in this homepage!!

takesh ishiyasu10 months ago

Thank you

What type of oil is it?
ishiyasu (author)  pyromaniac12345678910 months ago

It is horse oil!! Thank you!!

tijuanamama410 months ago


ishiyasu (author)  tijuanamama410 months ago

Thank you for comment!! It is easy to be understood when you look on a video.

kstedile10 months ago

A thousand apologies. Had not realized the link to the video. Became mayor according to my taste.

ishiyasu (author)  kstedile10 months ago

I want to make the thing of various kinds from now on!! Thank you in advance!!

Kursplat11 months ago

Since it appears from the video that this case was made based on a published pattern, it might be appropriate to republish the details of that information here.

ishiyasu (author)  Kursplat10 months ago

Thank you for comment!! I take your opinion into account!!

kstedile11 months ago

No detail is weak. You have to show how to make the holes for the stitching.

ishiyasu (author)  kstedile10 months ago

Thank you for comment!! It is easy to be understood when you look on a video.

eatikune kstedile11 months ago

Check out the photo in Step 4 for making the holes for stitching. It shows a 4-tine hole punch that looks like a fork.

verity3311 months ago
What type of oil did you paint it with?
ishiyasu (author)  verity3310 months ago

I painted with horse oil.The leather wears well!!

vnime11 months ago

It looks very nice and I want to make it, could you please add a template?

ishiyasu (author)  vnime10 months ago

Oh,I'm sorry! This template is an appendix of the textbooks. So I do not have the data.

agis6810 months ago

very impressive and professional result for first time!!!

ishiyasu (author)  agis6810 months ago

Thank you!!! I am glad that you say like that!!

BayRatt11 months ago

That is very lovely! I just wish there were more pictures & instructions. I looked at the video. It went too fast for me to follow all of the steps, and there were more steps there than in this instructable. Watching the video looked like magic, but maybe not something I can do myself. Not yet anyway.

ishiyasu (author)  BayRatt11 months ago

Thank you for your comment! That video is fast so that you say. That video is not suitable for explanation. However, I took that video, so as to be fun everyone to see that video!!

merlautre11 months ago

What a pity you didn't add no plans, no dimensions.

We can't see neither how the interior look like...

Anyways, the card-case looks beautiful, and I'll surely make one!!


ishiyasu (author)  merlautre11 months ago

Thank you for comment! I want to add a plan on the next time!

nancyCpants11 months ago
Please add photos of the inside! Your wallet looks very nice but I don't know how the inside is arranged.
ishiyasu (author)  nancyCpants11 months ago

Oh,sorry! I do not take photos of the inside.However, please look because you took a video!