How to Make the Iron Throne Game of Thrones





Introduction: How to Make the Iron Throne Game of Thrones

The Iron Throne made of corrugated Cardboard and Spray paint

Step 1: Things You Will Need

The Basic Materials:

  1. Plastic Lawn Chair
  2. Duct Tape
  3. Wood Rulers.
  4. Corrugated Cardboard
  5. 1-1/4 inch wood screws
  6. Rust Metallic Spraypaint

Step 2: Create the Body Framework

  1. With The rulers created the basic framework, attaching them to the lawn chair with the wooden screws so they will be more stable.
  2. Once the basic Framework was done, cover it with the corrugated cardboard.
  3. Cut Little Pieces of corrugated cardboard to create the texture behind the Sword to give the effect that there are more swords than they really are.
  4. Made the Swords of Corrugated CardBoard and the cover them with duct tape.
  5. cover the entire chair with duct tape to give the effect of the iron throne bend swords.

Step 3: Paint the Chair

  1. Once all the Sword were Glue to the cardboard framework spray painted the whole chair with Spray paint
  2. colors: SIlver metallic, aged Copper,rust metal, regular silver and black

Step 4: Enjoy Your CHAIR



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    I like it and I don't even watch the show. Maybe I'll make it for the kids to fight over...

    Thank you terrafirma, you want to start an all out war in your living room,jajaja, if you build it let me know how it went and if you get stuck in any part tell me and i can help