You Will Need the following things to build both of these Letters

One Elbow Piece
Two 45 degree elbows
Two Tee Pieces
Four 2 inch pipes
One 3 inch pipe
Two 4 inch pipes

Two tee pieces 
One 3 inch pipe
Four 5 inch pipes

Step 1: Building Stage

A: First you begin by Taking an elbow piece, cutting out the appropriate measurements and place two 2 inch pipes into each side of the elbow piece.

H: Begin by taking two tee pieces and cut the appropriate measurements. then take a two inch pipe and place it in between the two tee pieces.

Step 2: Building Stage

A: Then you take the two 45 degree elbows and put them on each end of the two inch pipes.

H: Then you take your four 5 inch pipes and place them in the open end of the tee pieces.

Step 3: Building Stage

A: After adding he elbows you take your other 2 inch pipes and you put them on the ends of each 45 degree elbow.

H: Once you connect all four 5 inch pieces, the final design should look as clear as an H as it can be. Your Job is now done, you have made the letter H using PVC pipes and fittings.

Step 4: Building Stage

A: Now from the two inch piece pipes that are sticking out you add a tee piece on each side so that they are facing each other and so you are able to connect the two. Add a 3 inch pipe right in between so that there is no gap and fits perfectly.

Step 5: Concluding Stage

A: Your job here is almost done, you have majority of the letter done. Now that you have the top part of the letter done, you can add the 4 inch pipes right into the tee piece. You do the same thing for each side. There you go you just made the letter A using PVC pipes and fittings.

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