How to Make the Origami Heart





Introduction: How to Make the Origami Heart

These Origami Hearts are fun, and easy to make, just in six simple steps.

Step 1: Making to Triangles

With one sheet of paper, fold a triangle as shown in the picture, making a nice crease. Unfold it, and refold the opposite way, making an X in the paper.

Step 2: Water Bomb Base

Second, poke you finger in the center of the paper, sending the sides up. Pinch in the left and right corners, creating a water bomb base.

Step 3: Folding More...

Third, there should be extra paper near the bottom. Fold it up to the edge of the triangle. After that, Fold up the two triangle edges, making a diamond.

Step 4: Almost There!

Fourth, fold the two bottom right and left corners into to the edge of the diamond. Next, turn the paper over, and fold the one top triangle down, as far as it can go.

Step 5: Making the Heart

Fifth, fold up the two left and right bottom triangle pieces making sure the edge is along the faint line. After you finish that, there should be two pockets in the triangle above. Slide both folds into the pocket being careful.

Step 6: Finishing the Heart

Sixth, Fold the upper left, and right triangle down, having the ends be parallel with the sides. After that, Slide the tips into the pocket we have just created in the step before.

Step 7: All Done!

This should be what your finished product should look like! These hearts could be used for valentines and love notes. I hope you liked the tutorial, and enjoy the hearts!



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Origami is so cool! Great job with the step-by-step photo instructions. Now I feel like I could make an origami heart too!! Thanks for sharing. Great first instructable!