How to Make the Perfect Pizza Base





Introduction: How to Make the Perfect Pizza Base

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It's all about the base! Learn how to make the perfect pizza base with Mark Gill from Little Creatures in Fremantle and view some pizza experts and personalities from Australia making their favourite pizza.



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    4 Discussions

    Great tutorial, congratulations! I think that would be better if the marble rock was black, for filming purposes only. As you have a very well lit room and a white marble rock, sometimes I wasn´t able to visualize the edge of the dough, not that decreases this tutorial, it´s just a detail. Thank you for doing this! :)

    find out what the weight of one packet is and go with that. or use the volume

    this is awesome i tried it the dough is like a fine baby a baby with a soft bottom: )

    looks good, could you please give us an alternate measurement on the yeast as I tend to buy mine in bulk and weigh it out.  Thanks