Introduction: How to Make the World's Easiest Origami Bird.

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All you need is a square of paper and a few spare seconds.

Step 1: To Make It

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Fold the square diagonally in half.

Fold a crease from one end of the first crease to the corner.

Open up, and refold, this time with the smaller section wrapped around the outside of the larger section.


Step 2: Flapping.

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Hold the beak and tail in finger-tips and pull gently.


Repeat until bored.

Give to small child or office manager.


skater builder guy (author)2008-10-15

dude that looks uber easy lol good idea tho

ruthmacdonaldwilson (author)2008-09-14

im making this 4 my daughter,its tricky x im a grown

Kaiven (author)2007-10-18

lol haha... you make me laugh kiteman! by statistics on what i've built on the internet....I can make itermediate oragami things. I even remember how to make an intermediate crwafish! (the first i'ne ever learned. Did you make this yourself? or did you see this somewhere? I've never seen any oragami so simple...

foxtrot4697 (author)Kaiven2008-07-26

crayfish is annoying. do you do it with square paper or triangular???

Kaiven (author)foxtrot46972008-08-05

uh I have been using a square, but my design could be different from yours

foxtrot4697 (author)Kaiven2008-08-05

i use a equilateral triangular piece, could u post a 'ible or link?

Kiteman (author)Kaiven2007-10-19

I was shown it, but I can't remember who by. Apparently, it's half a duck's beak...

landru (author)2007-10-31

"small child or office manager" classic!

Naruto_Uzumaki (author)2007-07-28

that is so HARD i cant do it make a hole movie this time (bad englushi)

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