How to Make the World's Fastest Paper Airplane

Picture of How to Make the World's Fastest Paper Airplane
This is how to fold the fastest paper airplane I know. It can take a very hard throw and still fly well. I credit the design to Surefire Paper Airplanes .


WIthout further ado, here is the Instructable! I will reference mountain and valley folds here, so if you don't know what they are, you can check this out first.

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Step 1: Precreases

Picture of Precreases
Fold a regular fold hot-dog style along the center, then fold a small reference crease hamburger style. This will be used in the next step.

Step 2: Fold the Corners to Middle

Picture of Fold the Corners to Middle
Bring the top right corner down to the middle of the paper where the two creases intersect. Bring the other corner down as well it should end up looking like this

Step 3: Fold Sides to Middle

Picture of Fold Sides to Middle
Bring the sides of the new folds down along the center line- ignore the overhanging of the left flap underneath.

Step 4: Fold Point Behind

Picture of Fold Point Behind
Now I need you to fold a mountain fold at the bottommost line and a valley fold at the point underneath where the flaps in step 2 intersect underneath the edges in the previous step. If you are confused look at the pictures.

Step 5: Fold Corners as Far as They Can Go

Picture of Fold Corners as Far as They Can Go
Take the corners and bring them down so that they can't go any further without tearing the paper.

Step 6: Mountain Fold and Round corners

Picture of Mountain Fold and Round corners
Mountain fold the whole plane back and round the edge so that when it flies it gets a little lift when it flies.

Step 7: Final Steps

Picture of Final Steps
Fold the sides of the plane back down, aligning the sides of the point back down. Make sure you fold good creases here. After that, your plane is done! Grip the plane near the center towards the front and give it a good hearty toss. And remember try not to break anything!

Make sure you comment and rate this Instructable, it's my first one! Tell me if there's anything I could improve on, I always like supportive responses!
Damonhumble04 months ago
I don't understand theountain fold and round corners step i can't figure out how to do it from that picture
ToriM35 months ago

that did not help at all

ToriM3 ToriM35 months ago

i need a vidio sorry

bj.jb.165687 months ago

i remember making one like this at school without instuctions u copied all of the kids ideas

Blazecraft108 months ago

I couldn't make this one, Crazy Instructions! This is a hard paper airplane=)

i couldn't understand steps after step 6

adam_voigt2 years ago
otsang2 years ago
Hey I made your airplane and IT IS THE BEST I am following. However you could make adjustments with the plane. Instead of the sharp point so you won't hurt people you can fold that down, it won't do anything just so the point wont break. It also flys fast
Alexrocks024 years ago
It flys good