How to Make the World's Smallest Paper Airplane!


Introduction: How to Make the World's Smallest Paper Airplane!

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Here's a video I made showing you how to make a post-it note paper airplane! Enjoy and please vote for me in the "Launch it" Contest! Original how-to,



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    If you like robotics, then yes. The video is not on that, but it's on youtube.


    Hey dude, this is awfully similar to my instructable that was published almost two years ago:
    It is just a hunch, but the similarities are too strong, even down to the design and color of the post-it-notes. If so, I appreciate that you enjoy the design, but please refrain from directly copying other people's Instructables in the future. Thank you.

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    Major mistake, I remember seeing this somewhere. I though it was on YouTube and not here. Sorry, I'll link back to your page ;)


    Its no problem :) Just be careful in the future next time

    My only problem is that the video doesn't show on the instructable. so should I try going to your website?

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