Introduction: How to Make Your Own Febreze

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Easy Homemade Febreze!

Time: Takes about 5 minutes to make

You will Need:

Spray bottle

Fabric softener

Baking soda


Step 1: Directions

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In an empty spray bottle (mine is 33oz)

Mix together

1/2 cup fabric softener *I used gain fabric softener

1 tablespoon baking soda

warm water

Shake well and fabric refresher is ready to use!


Instead of using fabric softener, you can use 20 -30 drops of your favorite essential oil and shake well.


99016669 (author)2015-05-27

Why baking soda?

Jennprice33 (author)990166692015-05-31

Baking soda eliminates orders.

Jennprice33 (author)Jennprice332015-05-31


ivana.dobra (author)2015-03-15

Sounds good.hope it helps keep curtains smell of cigarette smoke

guymcdowell (author)2015-03-12

Very cool! I'm going to try this out for certain.

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