Picture of How to Make your Room Instantly Cooler
This will show you how to make your room cooler on those hot summer days!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this super-fast and easy life hack, all you need is a window and a mini fan.

Step 2: Window

Picture of Window
Just open your window up wide enough so that it can fit the height of your fan.

Step 3: Last Step

Picture of Last Step
Now, carefully place your fan inside the window. The fresh air will be new and not used air going into the fan unlike if you shut the window and let the fan stay in the room. This works better with small rooms, as regular fans usually do.
DCA1 year ago
Wow, what a great life hack. Very novel and unique.
be_jealous (author) 1 year ago
Oh....thank you. I did not know that, it has always worked for me.
It'll work if there is cross ventilation and the air outside is cooler then inside. Otherwise it will just cause the air to enter the room and stop moving. We lived in a house you could not get cool no matter what because of the different air pressures In each room. So crack a window in another room or if you have windows that open on top and bottom crack both.