How to Make Your Own Awesome Trading Cards!





Introduction: How to Make Your Own Awesome Trading Cards!

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First of all, I'll answer the questions first, just to get it out of the way.

What did you make? I made cool trading cards over the Internet.

How did you make it? By finding a card generator online and using Internet
pictures to make awesome trading cards.

Where did you make it? I made it at home, with a laptop and a printer.

What did you learn? I learned that making card over the Internet is much
easier than hand drawing them.

Step 1:

Go to The FalseBlue Magic: The Gathering on the Internet or type in "magic card generator" on Bing and click on 'FalseBlue. The picture below indicates the screen that should pop up. Now at the top of the page is the Bing search engine. Click on it, and type the name of the thing you want on your card. Here I used " dragon." Go to images, and double finger click the image you want. Click "save image as." Now save it in your file, and go back to the card generator. Fill out the sheet. At one point, it will say "Artwork (ratio 1 34:1), and you must select the image from your file.

Step 2:

Once the sheet is filled out, hit "preview". Then, hit "publish", and save the card in your file. You can print them on paper, but I prefer card stock. I trust that you all know how to print. :) Have fun!



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    Mine does not work cause the site cant be reached:(

    Now THIS is an instructable! I recently commented on your beauty instructable saying how you should resort to actual tutorials and I'm very happy to see this! Great job;)

    Thanks for contributing to the community! ~Momoluv

    2 replies

    This is so cool!

    I know but this site is from the guys who make magic

    sry if that sounds mean but there is a game called magic the gathering

    dude magic is already a trading card game!

    hi Me and my friends had also made a trading card game its called "Magic cards"

    Wonderful job. What will you think of next?!