How to Manually Install Files From a RAR Format Compression (Or Any Other Supported Format)





Introduction: How to Manually Install Files From a RAR Format Compression (Or Any Other Supported Format)

Today I'll be showing you how to install files from a wide variety of compressed documents, including the RAR, or .RAR, format which is widely used by programmers, but is not supported by windows. Its easy and takes less effort and time than you think.

Step 1: Download and Install IzArc

Go to the internet browser of your choice, and navigate to this link:

Then download and install that program. IzArc is completely free and will never ask you for any personal information. In my personal opinion, IzArc has the easiest interface available and has all the features as WinRar or 7-Zip, and I highly recommend this program to all computer users. After you download you must run the installation program to use it. do this by clicking on the download in your internet browser, or navigating to your downloads directory and running it thrugh there.

Step 2: Find the Compression You Want to Open

for this, I'll be installing the SLV base for Garry's Mod, A popular Mod for the Half-Life 2 game engine. When you download the file in Mozilla Firefox, you should have the option of saving the file, or opening it automatically with a specific program. chose the latter for easy use. If you don't have Mozilla Firefox, then you'll need to find the folder in which your downloads are kept.

Step 3: Extracting the Files From the Compression

When the IzArc program opens you should now be looking at the contents of the compression. Then Click and drag to highlight all the folders you wish to extract, then click on the extract button on the top. A window will now ask you where you would like to put the files. After that click on OK, then the extracting proses.

Step 4: Verify That the Files Installed Correctly

When the extracting proses is complete a new window should appear showing you the files that were changed. your installation is now complete, please remember to rate, comment, and subscribe!



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