This Tutorial will walk you through making a markerless augmented reality app with Vuforia and Unity 3D. The app will work for Android or IOS as long as your phone has a compass and Gyro. This tutorial is geared towards beginners so anyone should be able to follow along. This is not what Vuforia is intended for so its kind of a hack but it does offer a free alternative to getting the raw camera input in Unity, for which you would typically have to pay for a plugin (or struggle with cross platform issues yourself). The main problem with this type of AR is the 3D model is stuck in space and we can not get closer to it. We are going to try to get around this by using our GPS coordinates. We will find the latitude/longitude delta from where we were when the app started to our current position and use that distance to move the spaceship closer as we walk forward. This will give us the illusion that we are walking closer to the spaceship.

All you need to follow along is a computer with a webcam.

As far as software you will need Unity 3D: https://store.unity.com/?_ga=1.97655965.303547796...

and the Vuforia SDK: https://store.unity.com/?_ga=1.97655965.303547796... Thanks for watching!

Step 1: Start a New Unity Project.

Open up Unity and click start a new project, call it whatever you want.

Go to the Vuforia website and create a free account if you don't already have one.

Create a new app in the developer section and copy your license key to the clipboard.

Download the Unity SDK from here: https://developer.vuforia.com/downloads/sdk

Drag the Vuforia Unity package into Unity and hit import all.

Remove the main camera from the scene.

Back in Unity go to the Vuforia folder, prefabs, and drag in the ARCamera prefab into the scene view.

Click on the ARCamera and off to the right there will be button to open Vuforia configuartion. Click that button.

Paste in your Vuforia license key. Now when you click play you should see yourself in your webcam!

<p>Mathew,</p><p>I got this one built out to my android phone, but it is not updating or changing the distance values in the text box. Everything else looks good, the UFO spins, but it appears to stay the same distance from the AR Camera. If you have any suggestions on this let me know. Originally it errored out until I realized I needed to change a setting for my location in my phone to &quot;GPS only&quot;. Now the app doesn't crash, but it is just not updating values.</p><p>I'll keep working on it.</p><p>Thanks again for another great tutorial.</p>
<p>I have the same issue. Have you managed to resolve it?</p>
<p>Thank you so much?</p><p>Question :</p><p>Can I place the UFU in specific geolocation ?</p>
Cool!!!! And very well explained :-)
Thanks so much!

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