Before you meal prep this week, watch this video first for new ideas to make your meal planning for weight loss and healthy living convenient, simple, and delicious. This week I am featuring shrimp, teriyaki turkey meatballs, asparagus with bacon, and white rice. See the macros below for the featured recipes.


  • Turkey Meatballs: 1 x 16oz.
  • Bag of Trader Joes Pre-Cooked Turkey Meatballs 1oz.
  • Trader Joes Turkish Honey (regular honey is ok)
  • 1oz. Sriracha Hot Sauce

Step 1: Put Turkey Meatballs and Shrimp on Tray

*Preheat oven to 350 Degrees Fahrenheit*

  • Line a baking pan with aluminum foil and coat with olive oil
  • Place meatballs and shrimp on tray
  • Lightly coat shrimp with olive oil and season with Trader Joe’s BBQ Rub & Seasoning with Coffee & Garlic
  • Place tray in oven for 20 minutes

Step 2: Cook Rice

  • Cook rice on stovetop while tray is in oven
  • Bring rice to a boil then turn to low to simmer

Step 3: Fry 2 Pieces of Bacon

Step 4: Prep Asparagus

*Personally, I snap the bottoms off the asparagus where they naturally break instead of cutting the asparagus ends*

  • Put stovetop on low and cook asparagus in the same pan that you cooked the bacon in for about 5 minutes
  • Add Trader Joe’s BBQ Rub & Seasoning with Coffee & Garlic onto Asparagus
  • Add 2 tbsp. of water to help the asparagus steam and cover with a lid

Step 5: Mix Asparagus and Bacon

  • Cut up bacon into small pieces and add to asparagus

Step 6: Pull Turkey Meatballs and Shrimp & Add Shrimp to Pan

  • Take shrimp and turkey meatballs out of the oven after 20 minutes
  • Add shrimp to pan on high for extra flavor and crunch. Cook for 5 minutes
  • Add turkey meatballs into a bowl

Step 7: Make Turkey Meatball Sauce

  • Add 1 oz. of Turkish Honey and 1 oz. of Sriracha into a mixing bowl
  • Add turkey meatballs and mix.

Step 8: Portion

  • Use a food scale to portion food according to your goals
  • Place an empty tupperware container on food scale and make sure to tare scale to zero each time you weigh your food
  • For more information on how to target your health and fitness goals check out Gauge Girl Training

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