(An Art Student's Reason for Meditation...)
Students in Art School are often given assignments where they have to "think outside of the box." This calls for solutions of contemporary works where the underlying meaning, discovery, or expression of the piece is given more value than the aesthetics. This kind of assignment calls for a great deal of thinking and stress. As a painter, I missed the act of simply painting and these school assignments often caused me much stress and anxiety.

The solution that I found to relieve this stress was meditating. This is meditating in the ways that we all think of, as it seems from the outside, sitting quietly. Another solution to the stress that I found was painting through meditation, which was of course doing my school assignments, but painting as an act of meditating.

This instructable with take you through the steps for meditating and entering a relaxing world that will bring you back to your inner self, a world that creates a balance in your life with the factors of your life that cause stress.

Step 1: Step 1: Writing Our Thoughts

A hard thing to do sometimes is to relieve your stress into a place outside of the safe haven within you. It may seem that giving your thoughts and your stresses a physicality may make them more real, and therefore make you more vulnerable. Usually the opposite is true. Meditation has many meanings and purposes. One of these purposes is to tuned down the volume of the chaotic thoughts that rush through your head and the worries that consume you. In order to do this however, you need to connect with yourself and understand where you are coming from into the meditation.

Take any loose sheet of paper, a pen, sit down comfortably, and start writing.

Don't be afraid to write too much. Understand that this is for you and no one else, and you can very well rip it up after if you'd like.

Write down anything that comes to mind, anything that is constantly on your mind, stresses with relationships, schoolwork, or other, and really... anything. Relieve these stresses.

Write the things that you appreciate in life as well.

Think of the stresses that you write to be leaving your body. Think of the things you appreciate and all other good things to be solidified in your writings.

These writings will hopefully feel relieving. Writing is often very therapeutic.
Thank you. This is very helpful. :)
Very inpressive and insightful. great job.
What a great guide to meditation, nicely done.

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