Step 8: Meditative Painting

The meditation that have just practiced is the common practice of taking the necessary hour or so to step outside of the daily chaotic world and sit quietly, refreshing yourself, remember who you are in this crazy place.

However, meditation can also be attained through activities in that chaotic life.

Painting is one activity that can be extremely meditative. This kind of meditation is hard to describe in steps because it is personal, a different process for each individual. The ways that I attempt to paint meditatively are sometimes to copy images when I paint and focus strictly on that reference.

Focus is the key to meditation. When I paint images from references, I and focusing mindlessly on achieving those same looks. I find that this causes me less stress because I am not thinking about what I am painting, but rather enjoying the practice of painting and observing what I am looking at.

Another form of painting meditation for me is to paint abstractly without references or any solutions expected. In this practice, there is no known conclusion for the painting. In this process, I find it extremely relaxing to focus on the colors that I am using, the strokes of the brush, and the physical movement of my body during the actual act of painting.
Thank you. This is very helpful. :)
Very inpressive and insightful. great job.
What a great guide to meditation, nicely done.

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