How to Meditate





Introduction: How to Meditate

Apparently a lot of people at Instructables want to learn how to meditate. So here it is. The meditation instructable.

Step 1: Background of Meditation

Definition-The Deep Concentration of the Mind

Meditation is thought to have originated in India over 4000 years ago. Buddha helped spread meditation throughout the east. From there it traveled across the world. Meditation is a powerful technique. With meditation you can think more clearly and creatively, "reboot" your brain, picture yourself scoring the winning goal thus building confidence, and practice conversations.

Things needed:
1-A quiet place to relax
2-Ability to get your body into a somewhat comfortable position

One and two aren't necessary but can help a beginner.

Step 2: Preparation

Before you meditate select a calm quiet area to help you think more clearly. This could be your room, a park, or the beach. Next get into a comfortable position. You don't have to do that thing with your legs if you don't want to. Instead lying in your bed or sitting a comfy chair would work as well.

Hint: If you are to busy to meditate during the day you can take 5-10 minutes lying in bed practicing before you try to go to sleep.

Step 3: The Process

Once you are all set up close your eyes. A good beginner exercise that helps you get more accompanied with unknowns is visualizing yourself throwing a tennis ball at brick wall. Try not think where the ball will be. Instead think about being there. This technique took me about 20 minutes to get perfect. After you have perfected the above try visualizing yourself jumping on a trampoline. While you are jumping visualize yourself turning and seeing multiple things happening on the ground while you soar through the sky. This will boost your sense of awareness. After you have mastered these techniques you can further your skill by pretending to have a conversation. When you do this try not to think of what the other person will say. Let your subconscious self do that. Now just use your imagination. If you get good enough you can enter a dreamlike state in which it feels like you are dreaming except you control the dream.



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Good guide.

but all says meditation and yoga will be done in presence of guide it true?

i always wondered how to meditate.......thanx :)

nice cankles, mate!

thankyou!! meditating really calms me down and helps me go to sleep. and also, for an added bonus, i love to fly in my meditation!!

This is an alright, basic 'ible but it lacks the proper amount of information. You could expand this by including theory, more practice, and the effects of daily meditation. All the information you would ever need is through a Google search. Basically, what I am saying is: Please expand significantly. However, the 'ible you have is well written. Thank you.

"We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site." Guess you must have missed this.

Nice instructable but i think i can make better...

You can make better if you want but I still won the T-shirt