Picture of How to Meditate
Apparently a lot of people at Instructables want to learn how to meditate. So here it is. The meditation instructable.

Step 1: Background of Meditation

Definition-The Deep Concentration of the Mind

Meditation is thought to have originated in India over 4000 years ago. Buddha helped spread meditation throughout the east. From there it traveled across the world. Meditation is a powerful technique. With meditation you can think more clearly and creatively, "reboot" your brain, picture yourself scoring the winning goal thus building confidence, and practice conversations.

Things needed:
1-A quiet place to relax
2-Ability to get your body into a somewhat comfortable position

One and two aren't necessary but can help a beginner.
jgoff31 year ago
Good guide.
lalitha17293 years ago
but all says meditation and yoga will be done in presence of guide first..is it true?
This is visualization not meditation.
papermaster6 years ago
i always wondered how to meditate.......thanx :)
Coopah2236 years ago
nice cankles, mate!
MarkMeansMe6 years ago
thankyou!! meditating really calms me down and helps me go to sleep. and also, for an added bonus, i love to fly in my meditation!!
Cryptonat7 years ago
This is an alright, basic 'ible but it lacks the proper amount of information. You could expand this by including theory, more practice, and the effects of daily meditation. All the information you would ever need is through a Google search. Basically, what I am saying is: Please expand significantly. However, the 'ible you have is well written. Thank you.
Zujus8 years ago
Nice instructable but i think i can make better...
sardines454 (author)  Zujus8 years ago
You can make better if you want but I still won the T-shirt
It's not about t-shirts. It's about helping people by sharing knowledge. We should be grateful to anyone who wants to help others.
What? I want a t-shirt! But, ya, it's also about learning how to meditate, I agree.
sardines454 (author)  jeffreyf8 years ago
I don't need t-shirts. :) I have one.
jeffreyf Zujus8 years ago
That would be excellent.
Shomen8 years ago
Thanks! Cool exercises.
Vinstepula8 years ago
Thanks for posting this. I always wondered what meditating is like. This is perfect for beginners. Although it might be nice if you could also for a few more steps further and add in tips or more for advance learnings? Just an idea. It kinda seems like it cuts off suddenly. :P Congrats on getting the t-shirt.
Mitten8 years ago
I love your pictures! They really convey the text.
LMAO!!! definition of sarcasm!
For once.... that's absolutely right :)