How to Merge Videos Into One?




Introduction: How to Merge Videos Into One?

Merging video files is simply combining or joining numerous video files together. People want to merge video files for some reasons. For example, you downloaded movies divided with several parts and wish to combine them to ensure a continuous playback. Or you recorded a stunning video clips separately but you want them to combine together. In this case, you may need a video editor that can merge video files. Fortunately, there is a tool which may help you with your problem.

ApowerEdit is a professional video editing tool which enables you to merge video files. It has an extraordinary video editing features such as adding text, overlays, filters and transitions. Moreover this tool can cut/trim and adjust the video speed, contrast, brightness, saturation and hue. Below are some helpful steps on how you can merge videos.

Step 1: Download and Install

On your computer, go to ApowerEdit site and click the “Download Desktop” button to download the program then install.

Step 2: Launch the Program

Once the program was installed, launch it then choose your aspect ratio.

Step 3: Add Files

To add files, just simply drag and drop the files on the main interface of the program. Or click the “Import > Import file” button then choose the files you want to add on your project.

Step 4: Start Editing

Next, drag and drop the files on the video track and arrange them in following series. You can also improve the video using its amazing video editing functions.

Step 5: Export Video

When you're done editing your video, just simple click on the "export" button then a window will pop up. You may edit the file name of the video if you want too. Once done, click "Export" button at the bottom of the window and wait until the video will be saved.

Hence, merging video files using ApowerEdit is just a piece of cake. Furthermore, this tool lets you set the duration, crop, add mosaic, zoom, rotate and flip the video. As well as, editing and enhancing your videos turn it into beautiful creation.



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