This is a low-maintenance way to microwave a potato. No plastic wrap needed!

Step 1: What You Need.


*Sour cream and butter optional ;)
When you microwave a potato, they loose a lot of water through steam and can become hard quickly. I sometimes microwave potatoes on a lower setting. It takes longer but healthier. The fast way I do something similar but microwave a bunch for various projects.....potato salad and I don't want to steam heat up the whole house and kitchen..Then when just about done (NO Plastic wrap needed)<br>I cut in half and lye them cut side down in water with milk mixture. All milk if I am making a higher protein food for a picky eater. Then when they come out, I turn over and mash. There is no liquid left when you serve the halves or mash them..When I mash, I add a pinch of seasonings and then top with just a very little butter. On rare occasions we will use no fat sour cream....Really good meal just by itself without a bunch of other foods. Though we do usually have some salad greens with it...
Why would you want a wet baked potato?
hahahah! the mans got a point<br />
The potato is very hot, so any water clinging to it will evaporate in seconds. So, where's the wet potato?
To each their own I suppose.
I've not seen this method before, interesting post. At the weekend I did buy a potato which must have been in the heat for hours - really thick brown crunchy skin, mmmm. I once didn't pierce a microwave potato until it was cooked - it exploded hot starch in my face... L

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