Picture of How to Microwave a Potato
This is a low-maintenance way to microwave a potato. No plastic wrap needed!

Step 1: What you need.

Picture of What you need.

*Sour cream and butter optional ;)
When you microwave a potato, they loose a lot of water through steam and can become hard quickly. I sometimes microwave potatoes on a lower setting. It takes longer but healthier. The fast way I do something similar but microwave a bunch for various projects.....potato salad and I don't want to steam heat up the whole house and kitchen..Then when just about done (NO Plastic wrap needed)
I cut in half and lye them cut side down in water with milk mixture. All milk if I am making a higher protein food for a picky eater. Then when they come out, I turn over and mash. There is no liquid left when you serve the halves or mash them..When I mash, I add a pinch of seasonings and then top with just a very little butter. On rare occasions we will use no fat sour cream....Really good meal just by itself without a bunch of other foods. Though we do usually have some salad greens with it...
piks6 years ago
Why would you want a wet baked potato?
hahahah! the mans got a point
Nachoman piks6 years ago
The potato is very hot, so any water clinging to it will evaporate in seconds. So, where's the wet potato?
thickneckarts (author)  piks6 years ago
To each their own I suppose.
lemonie6 years ago
I've not seen this method before, interesting post. At the weekend I did buy a potato which must have been in the heat for hours - really thick brown crunchy skin, mmmm. I once didn't pierce a microwave potato until it was cooked - it exploded hot starch in my face... L