Why mini-size? I wanted to avoid the hassle of cutting a piece of cling wrap with scissors whenever I had a need for a small size of the plastic wrap. My solution? Divide one container in half. That way, I could tear off a square piece, put it directly on the item I need to wrap, and save that one step (of trying to cut the wrap with scissors), and the hassle involved. I used it mostly for covering my cat's cans of food as I would feed her. But found it useful for other items to be stored in the refrigerator as well. I had been doing this for several years when the Saran company made their, it is no longer made, and I guess there wasn't a large enough demand for it. Their product was 8 inches long, whereas mine is only 6". Maybe that was the reason their's wasn't successful!
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Step 3: Cut box and roll.

I used scissors to cut the box...the cutting serrations on this product is plastic, so I could cut right through it. On the older boxes, it is metal, and you can use wire cutters if necessary.

Step 5: Glue pieces into place

I used clamps so that I could let it sit for a few minutes and completely bond.