Yo-yoing is a constantly changing sport. What started as a hobby dominated by slimline responsive yo-yos for looping is now full of wide-gapped butterfly yo-yos that don't respond at all.

This instructable will teach you how I mod my Bolt yo-yo for an unresponsive style of play that you can't get from most stock yo-yos. The Bolt yo-yo, made by YoYoJam in Florida, plays great out of the package, but it's highly responsive. There's nothing wrong with this type of play; it's great for looping tricks and regenerations, and it's preferred by most beginners.

However, the tricks that have popped up over the last 3 years usually require a yo-yo that can handle a good deal of slack in the string without returning. That's why I mod my yo-yos to return with a "bind", an unresponsive technique I'll discuss later.

For this mod, you will need a yo-yo, a tube of Flowable Silicone Windshield & Glass Sealer, medium grit sandpaper, shims, a plastic tipped syringe and mineral spirits.

I use a Bolt yo-yo (available from this site) for this instructable, but this mod can be done on almost any YoYoJam model that uses o-rings for a response system.

Step 1: A Note About "Binds"

Since the purpose of this modification is to create a unresponsive yo-yo, I should probably give a brief explanation of the Bind Return method.

Binding is the method used to get a unresponsive yo-yo to return by creating a "bind" with the string. J's glossary defines a bind as "Intentional insertion of extra string segments into the yo-yo gap (usually a wrap around the axle) in order to get an unresponsive yo-yo to return."

It's a really useful technique to know, even if you play with responsive yo-yos.

I highly recommend watching Houdini's "How To Bind 2" to better understand the bind technique.

(Note: I don't recommend "the basic bind" (also known as the lindy loop bind) at all. Instead, study the Backspin Bind and the "Dave" Bind in the video.)
thanks im modding a jaru metal spin yoyo im cleaning the bearings in class actually hehe but anyways any tips?
<p>No tips, would love to hear how the mod turns out though. </p>
ok it turned out pretty well got a ten second spin on it ...i blame the cheapness of the bearings
<p>I remember Yo-Yo contests back in the 50's. I won a contest in Chicago at my school and was a Duncan Yo-Yo trick artist for 3 years. I had a Duncan Black Beauty Diamond, and one of the &quot;new&quot; Duncan Butterfly Black Diamonds. Wish I still had them, but to many moves over the years they just sort of disappeared...</p>
I want a yo yo
I feel awful that i traded my modified Bolt.<br><br>It had a ceramic KK and silicone pro pads<br><br>It dominated every throw i ever owned, even my Yuuksta<br><br>I traded it for a Mini motu, the motu pretty much feels like a butterfly in comparison to my bolt<br><br>Good bye bolt, my favorite yoyo ever
this is an awesome mod i found something like this on youtube a year back and i did the silicone mod to it works alot better :D
DONT USE PAINT THINNER OR ALCOHOL!! If you use this method, the chemicals actually eat away at the lubrication the factory put in. If you do this, the balls in the bearing grind each other away destroying the bearing. Even if you put in new lubrication, it will never replace the other lubrication. It may seem as if the bearing works better, but I assure you, it will destroy them.
then you can just get another bearing lol??? they dont cost much just sayn just sayn
as a person who owns multiple yoyo's that have bearings, it is the only way to get a dead response from a yoyojam, yoyofactory, hardcore series duncan, etc etc I've had my 1st yoyo (duncan freehand2) with its stock bearing after multiple good cleanings, for about 4-5 years now, true its not my regular throw, but when i clean bearings i clean all of them at once (got about 10 yoyo's near me at the moment all of them have cleaned bearings and work)<br><br>If your doing it for industrial work or a car, bike, anything else along those lines, don't clean it, if its for a yoyo or other hobby, go for it.
it still lasts about 2 years.<br />
can it be done with a Duncan Imperial
nice mod but i have a question, does it play any better than a konkaved yoyojam dark magic? because i love doing gyroflops whips lacerations and slack on my dark magic. is it any less reponsive than a completely broken in darkmagic?
I can't say it plays better or worse than something else. But the goal of modifying yo-yos like this should perhaps be to get a consistent play out of all of your yo-yos. It would be hard to say that one yo-yo was more unresponsive than another, because really all you are trying to get is a yo-yo that doesn't come back up. If it you've done that then you are good to go. BTW, I'm not a fan of concave bearings. I feel that a concave is fantastic for a single layer of string, but once you add more layers, they are all fighting to be in the center instead of evenly spreading themselves out. So once you start layering, you loose the smooth string sliding on the axle as you move the yo-yo across the string.
that's why i like cen-trak bearings, they don't stoop all the way to the center, its only sides.
may i suggest that once you cut the o ring you flip it over
what yoyo were you using in the vid?
Probably a Bolt.
i broke my yo yo when i tried to pull an est 100 g loop and the string broke off it about broke a window!
replace the string that is all
lol i just won an ebay auction for some string...
When did yoyoing become a sport? At least its not pointless, like those stupid stacking cups.
March 10th 1977.
Wow, now what. Are they going to consider chess a sport?
If they start playing on top of an airplane.
hahahaha! isn't that your birthday, doc? sorry for the late comment, but I just started going back to instructables.
how long do o-rings last?
can anyone tell me vvhat the music in that video is?<br/>i dont get on this site often,so if you do knovv,please email me at;howitb@gmail.com<br/>thanks.<br/>btvv:<br/>v'NIKE:'just do it'<br/><sup>(my brother thought of that!)</sup><br/>i thought of this:<br/>d0.ob<br/>later.<br/>
Great mod doc... I just got my bolt, and finally put it down long enough to silicone it. Good idea on the syringe too. The Bolt plays EXACTLY like my dark magic... dammit, i spent $40 on that. Houdini lives.
SO the bolt is a Modified Kickside Or They Sell it Like that ?
The Bolt is a stock YoYoJam yo-yo that is only availlable through www.DoctorPopular.com. It is like a slimmer Kickside.
Dr. remember when you said "I forgot to show how to shave down o-rings for those who don't have access to flowable silicone..." could you post that? Unless you're busy. ~maggot
Done. Thanks for asking, see step 5.
solid vid
Great instructable, well done. You are obviously a talented yo-yoer.
That music is so sad, it's so hard for me to watch that video :(

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