A Nerf gun is, simply, a plastic toy gun that shoots foam darts. However, the gun is not nearly as strong enough as we would like, and, out-of-the-box, performs nowhere near its capability. Hasbro has installed a three-pronged "air restrictor" with a spring, slowing down the air coming out of the gun. Today, I'll show you how to modify this gun, even with a glued barrel.

Please Note: This mod is now a lot harder to do with the addition of the glued barrel and is intended for more advanced handymen/ really determined people. Please review steps 4 and 5 before starting if you feel unsure.

Caution: I strive to be as clear as possible in describing this modification. Please proceed at your own risk and with caution, as I will not assume responsibility for any damage done to anyone, the gun, or any tools used.

I created this Instructable after finding out how many modifications found online are outdated, and user-unfriendly. I hope this will help you in modding your Nerf gun.

Step 1: Unscrewing the Screws

First, take out the battery casing and two batteries if you have installed them. Then, begin to screw out each screw before attempting to open the plastic case. Count 14 screws. Do not open the casing until you read the next step.

In my experiences, remove those actually reduces the range a dart will fly! I am fairly certain those are actually put in to prevent large air blasts during a dry fire. The only thing that will actually increase the range of the dart is replacing the air compressor spring.
Actually you are wrong, I have 3 Nite Finders. 1 without AR. 2 with. There is a visible difference. I shoot a wall from, say, 10 feet away, with the one with the AR it bounces back maybe to me. Without the AR, it flies back over my head. I did not change the spring in the one without the AR. The one with, hasn't even been opened.
I agree. I am a nerfer an when you take out the AR you are allowing the air to be decompressed more quickely causing the dart to fir even further.
<p>once the dart has traveled around half way out of the barrel it will have ceased applying backward pressure (keeping it open) towards the air restrictor, this then allows the air restrictor to close behind the dart which then prevents further amounts of air escaping the plunger system and further propelling the dart. </p><p>The dart usually achieves a better fps without an air restrictor however you may wish to use crispy fresh new darts with such a system to improve dart seal and prevent blaster damage.</p><p>air restrictors do this to prevent the plunger from slamming into the end of the air compression tube and causing harm to the blaster.</p>
<p>I've already modded three of these, and the easiest way I did it went like so. First, I took some needle-nosed pliers and twisted out the post the dart sits on. Then, I used a drill(I'm not sure what size the bit was, so you're on your own on that) from both sides to just drill out the air restrictor. There were a lot of small pieces of plastic in the barrel, so I ran a rag through it. The place where the thing used to be is a little jagged around the edges, but I haven't noticed any difference yet. If you're really worried about it, just stick a square of sandpaper in there and file away until you're satisfied. Hope this helps.</p>
Hot glue can fail as an air tight seal, so I would suggest using something like epoxy resin.
Thanks Mr do-it I was curiouse to find that no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get thet barrel to come apart got any good ideas on how I could do this?
Well done, Professor! I have found this instructable extremely helpful in figuring out how to mod my own nitefinder. Thanks a bunch!
instead of opening it with what he said, use a wrench and pinch the space between the 2 pieces, to seperate the pieces <br>
i also changed out the spring for a stronger one and added another o-ring to the piston
Thanks for the help. I found it incredibly easy to just use a normal serrated kitchen knife (used for eating, not the giant one) and it opened up in about 2 mins! Maybe i'm just lucky...
guys try putting it in boing water for like 5-10minuter it worker way better
Would a hack saw or jigsaw work??
I don't have a nightfinder yet, but big chance im getting one. How do you know if it's a glued barrel or not?
can you just use a hack saw?
Thanks for this guide!<br><br>I was stuck on the glued barrel, too, and your tip with the scissors helped me a lot. Maybe that's only because I have an exact same pair of scissors as yours here. ^^<br><br>Anyway, the mod went well for me and my NF is now a little beast.<br><br>Now I'll just have to add a CPVC barrel and then I'll strike fear in the hearts of my nerf buddies, one foam dart at a time. ;)
Great Instructable. Thanks for the link you put on mine! Added it to the ible.
well its nice to see some mature people here doing nerf mods, unlike most of the other people, very nice work, i hear pipecutters work great for cutting the glued barrel as well, and replacing the barrel helps alot, especcialy if you use stefans, and its tighter so it gives the darts a better seal. 5 stars
Thank you for your suggestions. I will add them to step 5

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