Those T-Shirts with Equalisers on them are absolutely amazing, but the microphones tend to be underpowered, and there's no way to connect your iPod to them. This mod solves both of those problems for a few dollars - it allows you to use either:
1. The built-in low powered mic
2. A lapel mic (one attached to your collar, to better pick up your voice)
3. An iPod (or any mp3 player, phone, computer etc)

Step 1: What You Need:

An equalizer T-Shirt (obviously). Mine came from here: http://www.thinkgeek.com/tshirts-apparel/interactive/8a5b/?cpg=ab
A 2-way switch (must have six connections on its underside)
A mono headphone socket
A bit of wire (I only used about 20cm/8in, but get a metre or a yard so you have plenty of spare)
Some solder

Small phillips head screwdriver
Soldering iron
Hot glue gun (or super-glue, or anything good for plastic).
I should put out there to anyone unaware, soldering with the batteries attached is VERY dangerous!! under NO circumstances solder with power in ANY circuit! <br><br><br>Other than that GREAT INSTRUCTABLE!
Great, have a see here at www.tshirtequalizer.com
I would be very interested in knowing what the IC (chip) number is, on mine its been rubbed off, can anyone help with this number?
I was disappointed with those when I bought mine. I thought each band would be independently controlled, but, alas I was wrong. Not to mention it broke after the first <strong>DRY</strong> cleaning...<br/>
Yeah I agree, it sucks that it pretends to be a lot more accurate than it is. But it still looks cool... at least it does when it works.
funny cause its not even a ligit equalizer, its just a decable meter <br>
THNX! i found a good way to use the mic port. use a halmark giftcard, velcro it to the shirt, then connect it to a headphone jack. get a headphone splitter and plug the halmark speaker into one, the shirt into the other!!! This make u a walking party!!! THANKS FOR MAKING THE ONLY INSTRUCTABLE FOR THIS!!! <br>
I found these a lot cheaper at <a href="http://rgbtee.com" rel="nofollow">rgbtee.com</a> they had some pretty cool one's too. Thats the best place i know to buy an equalizer shirt. I'm gonna do this in a few days I hope it turns out good on my shirt<br />
where do u get the shirt?
The link is in step 1.
OMG I want one nice ible btw

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