Introduction: How to Mod Your Nerf NiteFinder: Reinforce and New Spring

Hey everyone! This video will show where to put epoxy putty and where to get your stronger spring. I forgot to add that you can use the #49 spring from Ace Hardware and the K19, or K25 from McMaster. Also I realized that the audio was very rushed, so you'll probably have to re-watch it. Other Nerf Nitefinder Mods: (Coupler Mod) (AR Removal, spring stretch, Vacuum load)
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~Z~ (author)2011-01-28

How hard is it to cock the 9713?

Pizzapie500 (author)~Z~2011-02-01

A LOT easier to pull than the k25 or k19. I believe it's 20 something pounds of strength to pull the whole spring rather than the K25 which is 6 pounds per inch. I reccomend the 9713

~Z~ (author)Pizzapie5002011-02-03

Yeah. I got the spring about a few days ago. Still pretty hard for me due to the fact that im only... Well, not old enough to register for nerfhaven.

Pizzapie500 (author)~Z~2011-02-03

Oh lol! Then I guess you should just stretch the spring or add a Maverick Spring.

~Z~ (author)Pizzapie5002011-02-04

I really don't think a mav spring would give it any boost in power though =P I guess ill just cut the spring like you did. I think I'll be able to cock it with 4 coils off. Any recommendations for cutting springs other than bolt cutters?

Pizzapie500 (author)~Z~2011-02-04

Hmm.... Maybe you can try to use vise grips to hold both sides down, then use a dremel with a cutting wheel attachment. That's what I did. Or you can use a grinder.

~Z~ (author)Pizzapie5002011-02-15

Nvm. Got a bolt cutter at harbour frieght for about 4$.

Pizzapie500 (author)~Z~2011-02-16

LUCKY! I wish there was a Harbor Freight near where I live. The closest one is like 3 hours! I would've to buy online and pay for shipping =(. I got a lot of coupons for them too! The magazines I get (Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, and Discover) have Harbor Frieight coupons! But I heard that the stuff they sell breaks easily. I'd rather have a drill that lasts 5 years than a cheap one that lasts 5 months.

~Z~ (author)Pizzapie5002011-02-16

That sucks! My nearest harbour frieght is a bit less than an hour away. I also got 50 hot glue sticks for about $1.40, and a mini rotary tool. The rotary tool sucks, but its good if you're patient. It's as small as a flex shaft!!! And of course, i had to not notice the 20% off coupon in pop sci.... But the bolt cutters worked well.

~Z~ (author)Pizzapie5002011-02-06

Scary dremel sparks....

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