In this instructable i will show you how to properly modify Kiteman's avatar in ms paint.Some of people's different versions are in my slideshow.www.instructables.com/id/The-Many-Faces-of-Kiteman/ 

This instructable is written with Kiteman's permission.

Step 1: The Picture We Will Be Modifying

When I modify the avatar I like to use this picture.It is simple,and i do not have to worry about colors.

Step 2: Open the Avatar Into MS Paint or Other Editing Program

Step 3: Erase Box Containing Kiteman

Now we will have some space to mess around

Step 4: Erase Arm Lines

Now you can edit the arm.

Step 5: Edit Hair

I like to use Goodheart's idea of shortening every second hair.

Step 6: Add Arms

Whatever position you want,or just redraw the lines on his shirt.

Step 7: Add Eyes

pretty self-explanitory

Step 8: Edit Shirt Desighn and Mouth/Nose

Step 9: Add Facial Hair and Other Oddities

mine is awesomer
Kiteman would LOSE HIS MIND if he saw this instructable....LOL, <br>
he gave me permission to post it
mine looks like nigel uno<br />
haha that's funny glad u did it! but i don't know who nigel uno is tho
its some one from kids next door (number 1)
he is a cherecter in a CHILDREN'S tv seiries
yer kids next door havent watched that in ages
how do you get a piture of kiteman?
Download Gimp, it's free and doesn't look like it was edited in paint.&nbsp;
i cant
This could be a lot better. Did you know MS Paint can work with 24-bit colour, or the Print Screen button captures screen images? Use ALT-Print Screen and you get the active window only.<br /> <br /> L<br />
ok cool i'll try to fix it some time
Now you just need to colour him in.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> But would it still be Kiteman then?
u can couler it if u want but i don't
Looks like someone got bored.<br />

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