Picture of How to Modify a Die-Cast Car
This instructable covers how to take an ordinary die-cast car and modify it using basic tools. It will cover how to properly repaint it, add a carbon-fiber hood, add a carbon-fiber splitter, as well as create a carbon-fiber spoiler. This is my first instructable, and I hope you all like it. Make sure to put pictures of your modified cars in the comments.

Step 1: Step One: Materials

Picture of Step One: Materials
Here is a basic list of materials:

1) Die-cast Car
- Try to get a simple, stock-looking one with smooth surfaces and a low ride height.
- Good brands include Tomy Takara and Matchbox.

2) Rotary Tool
- You will need a drill and saw attachment.
- You can use the sanding attachment as well.

3) Spray Paint

4) Clear Tape

5) Hobby/Utility Knife
- Box cutters, X-Acto knives, and pocket knives will all work.
- It is a good idea to sharpen them beforehand.

6) Superglue

7) Staples

8) Black Permanent Marker
- Sharpies work the best.

9) Clear, Hard Packaging Plastic
- Easily obtained.
- If not available, cover card stock with clear tape.

10) Sandpaper
- Be sensible about the grit

11) Scissors

12) Ruler
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NismoGT-R1 month ago

How would I make a spoiler that looks like this?


how can i removethe paint without using blades

DAV7064 years ago
if the car is white,can i paint it without removing the current paint?
pmet (author)  DAV7062 years ago
I would still sand it. You need a rough surface for the paint to adhere.
noob0063 years ago
what color do you recommend/your favorite colour for a honda nsx-r? this might sound unusual to you cuz planes is more your hobby than cars. and what other ways to remove the paint?
pmet (author)  noob0062 years ago
I would recommend a Gloss Red, Gunmetal Grey, or Black. The Carbon Fiber attachments won't stand out well if you opt for black. Another way you can remove the paint is to use paint stripper, thinner, or brake fluid. Be careful though, these chemicals are VERY corrosive.
DAV7064 years ago
can i add decals too if i want?
no. your not allowed
pmet (author)  DAV7064 years ago
Yes, just print them out and glue them to the side.
FrozenIce3 years ago
still one of the best instructables on the site
pmet (author)  FrozenIce3 years ago
I wouldn't go so far as to say one of the best... but still many thanks :).
DAV7064 years ago
if the window cannot be removed from the body,can i cover the windows with a tape or something that can be used for covering it?
pmet (author)  DAV7064 years ago
You can try it, but I highly recommend that you do not. The tape job has to be perfect, or the paint will seep through and stain the edges. A good method is to cut out the windows and then re-glue them on (very carefully) afterwards with some clear glue. If the car and windows are all one piece metal, paint over the car AND the windows, and then paint the windows with blue or black permanent markers or paint.
DAV7064 years ago
what sharpies marker is that?sharpies or super sharpies?
pmet (author)  DAV7064 years ago
Its just regular sharpies. You can use most permanent markers.
DAV7064 years ago
what is the difference of metal rivet to metal stud?
pmet (author)  DAV7064 years ago
Both are two different words for essentially the same thing.
DAV7064 years ago
can i use illustration board covered with clear tape if both clear hard packaging plastic and cover card stock with clear tape are not available?
pmet (author)  DAV7064 years ago
Yup. Anything that is thin and study, easy to cut, and can be covered with tape can be used.
DAV7064 years ago
its too difficult to modify a medium die-cast car?
pmet (author)  DAV7064 years ago
Yes, it is very difficult. I've tried it with a BMW M3 and it didn't turn out too well. Start with smaller cars.
DAV7064 years ago
where can i get the Clear, hard plastic?
pmet (author)  DAV7064 years ago
Electronics are usually packaged in them.
can anyone help me find a Ford Shelby GT500KR? Doesnt matter if its ebay or hobby lobby or anything in between
pmet (author)  HardCoreHacker4 years ago
Never mind my first comment. Hotwheels now sells both the 1976 and 2008 GT500KR at Walmart.
pmet (author)  HardCoreHacker6 years ago
Jada is the only brand that sells the GT500 KR. These are 1:18th scale and are incredibly detailed to begin with, so it will be extremely difficult to modify them with the methods shown in this instructable and make them look good.
For the 2008 Ford Shelby GT500KR:
For the 1976 Ford Shelby GT500KR:
DAV7064 years ago
where can i get the cover card stock with clear tape?
pmet (author)  DAV7064 years ago
I meant to say that if you cannot get clear plastic, you can take a postcard and cover it with clear tape such as scotch tape. You can also use an ordinary piece of plastic as long as it is thin enough to cut.
DAV7064 years ago
how can i modify medium-sized die-cast cars?
pmet (author)  DAV7064 years ago
I've tried it, but its pretty difficult. Your are going to need different materials to make it look good. You have any particular car in mind?
sheepborg5 years ago
one of the keys to getting this right is practice -- get one or to crappy cars and you can butcher them as much as you will. plus it helps to know how aspects such as the paint you intend to use will turn out i practiced on a junky bmw and junky mustang, as well as testing various methods on other even cheaper cars A suggestion also for using sharpy for carbon: make sure you have got it DONE on the FIRST coat that way it will stay smooth and not start removing and not replacing what you already did
FrozenIce5 years ago
is there an other way to remove the rivets
TFElite5 years ago
I think I will do this to my 2010 Hotwheels Camaro as a tribute to Bumblebee from the movie Transformers. Yellow with black racing stripes!
 You could just go to Bunnings (if you live in Aussie) and buy acetone to remove all the paint without any plastic bits coz otherwise the plastic would melt.
 Also, you can use DOT3 & 4, polyethylene glycol based brake fluid to remove paint. They're plastic friendly in most cases as brake systems use plastic parts and a brake fluid that melts them would be a bad thing.
pmet (author)  Lokisgodhi5 years ago
Most brake fluids are plastic-friendly to begin with. However, it does not remove all of the paint. You need to scrape off the rest of the paint with a needle/knife/sandpaper.
ferraridude6 years ago
do you still have to drill out the studs if the brand uses screws instead of rivets
pmet (author)  ferraridude5 years ago
No, just unscrew them. That is what you call a godsend, because drilling through rivets is a real pain (literally).
I'm working on 5 cars at the moment and about to start a sixth. and i find it useful to to scrape some paint on the car and then leave in white vinegar for about a 2 days and then removing the paint with a toothbrush, sandpaper and then a needle for the little nooks and crannies
ThEoNeS6 years ago
Does anyone know where I could get a Nissan Skyline GT-R R34? I know that Hotwheels has a lot of R32's for sale at places like Target, but I am looking for an R34. If you don't know what it looks like, google it, or its the car Brian uses in the second and forth Fast And The Furious movies.
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