Step 2: Step Two: Disassemble the Car

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Using the rotary tool and drill attachment, drill out the metal rivets that hold the car's metal body to the plastic chassis. Drill deep enough to remove the lip of the metal rivet. You will need to exert some force, but be careful. If you do not have a rotary tool, you can try to use a hand drill and a sharp knife. But be warned, it is not easy. If this fails, cut or drill away at the soft plastic surrounding the rivet. Disassemble the car as much as possible. Separate the body, the interior, the windows, and the chassis. If it is possible to remove the external lights, do so.
DAV7064 years ago
if the window cannot be removed from the body,can i cover the windows with a tape or something that can be used for covering it?
pmet (author)  DAV7064 years ago
You can try it, but I highly recommend that you do not. The tape job has to be perfect, or the paint will seep through and stain the edges. A good method is to cut out the windows and then re-glue them on (very carefully) afterwards with some clear glue. If the car and windows are all one piece metal, paint over the car AND the windows, and then paint the windows with blue or black permanent markers or paint.
DAV7064 years ago
what is the difference of metal rivet to metal stud?
FrozenIce5 years ago
is there an other way to remove the rivets
ferraridude6 years ago
do you still have to drill out the studs if the brand uses screws instead of rivets