Have you ever seen those cool circular panorama that resembles the wide angle fish eye lenses but more spherical creating a little plane effect? Well, they are called stereographics. I stumbled upon this technique a few years ago and I find it really interesting. The sphere like effect of the image most especially done with two different images combined into one circular panorama  stereo always stir up my visual and I want to try it myself with all my panorama. But you don't necessarily need panorama to create stereo, you may use any image of any size.

Step 1: Choose an Image.

You can use any image of any size you want but I prefer panoramas. Panoramas have just the right characteristic for stereographic projections, mainly because panorama provides a three dimensional effect and it extends to that it is better to apply 360 degrees.
<p>a polar distort is not the same as a stereographic mapping.</p>
<p>Thanks for sharing!</p><p>Very helpfull :)</p>

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