This Instructable will teach you how to modify a Nerf S.S. AS-1 or the Nerf Silent Strike. It will add about 30 ft of range. Originally it will shoot about 18-20 ft. and after the mod it will shoot about 48-50 ft!!!

Step 1: Materials

- Materials
- Nerf Silent Strike.
- 1 1/2 in. long and 1/2 in wide CPVC pipe.
- Nerf darts (If you don't have stefans).
- Stefans (If you have stefans).
- Painters tape(Optional).
- Low temp. hot glue gun.

Hey thanks for the 5 stars. I thought of it when i was at wal-mart and I saw this gun and it was three bucks so I bought it took it home and found it shot further than a stock maverick. Then i thought how could i make it shoot stefans and i had CPVC pipe and so I cut a bit off stuck it in there and it didnt shoot very good so I added hot glue and it was AMAZING!!! For the nitefinder i added bands, CPVC barrel, took out the air resrictors, and painted it. <br />
what do u mean? its 4.12 star u SOB!!!
He said that he gave me five stars. I know that the actual rating is like 4.23 I think now but I was thanking him for rating it five stars even though with instructables rating system I didn't actualy get five stars. Thanks for the compliment though did you do the mod?
it is cool though <br>
well i have one modded nerf gun until i saw the nite finder i have the older version that shoot awesome already took the air restricter out and thats a awesome mod too and my cusin gave me this gun and it will be super modded so who up for a Nerf battle i have the sword too
Sounds cool glad I could help. Isn't your nitefinder sweet?
nice mod dude that is cool i have&nbsp;2 ?s<br /> what gave you the idea and what all did you do to your nitfinder as far as mods go????????
5 stars also check out my nitefinder mod i call it my hush puppy if you dont know just ask on the slideshow its a good mod i did vary good

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Bio: I like building things from scratch. I have been told i have a very mechanical mind.
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